The Amazing Spider-Man #121

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #121 - The Night Gwen Stacy Died released by Marvel on June 1, 1973.

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    The Green Goblin threatens Gwen Stacy's life and Spider-Man must come to the rescue... But will he get there in time to save her?

    With Harry Osborn being tended by a doctor for a bad trip on LSD, Peter Parker and his gang are somewhat worse for wear. Spider-Man has just returned from Montreal, and just after he changes out of his costume, he is accosted by Norman Osborn, whose Green Goblin flashbacks are leaving him in a bad mood. Osborn warns Peter not to come near Harry, then proceeds to kick the rest of his visitors out with the same message.

    After they leave, the scene remains at Osborn's apartment, where we learn that his stocks are failing, furthering his stress. A weakened Harry emerges, only to mumble and collapse. The doctor is called in once again, with the grim prognosis of "Only Harry can help himself."

    It is at this moment that Norman Osborn cracks, his Goblin memories flooding back. He returns to a secret base, changes into his costume, hops on his glider, and heads towards Peter's apartment. Gwen Stacy is there, waiting for him while he turns in his photographs from Montreal, but before he returns the Green Goblin swoops in through the window and snatches her. When Spidey returns, he finds only a pumpkin grenade sitting atop Gwen's handbag, and coming to the appropriate conclusion, he races to find her.

    The search ends at the George Washington Bridge, where the Goblin offers a choice - Spidey's life, or Gwen's. Spider-Man is hearing none of it, and thus begins a battle in which it appears the Goblin is defeated. But as Spidey goes to check on Gwen, the Goblin soars back up and tosses Peter's beloved blonde from the bridge. Spider-Man snags her with a webline, and begins to gloat to himself about his powers. However, a small "SNAP" sound effect by Gwen's neck says it all, and when Spidey finds out she is dead, he flies into a rage, vowing to kill the Green Goblin for what he's done.



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    Bad Day To Have A Cold Mr. Parker 0

    So, we've got what might be one of the most famous comic books in the history of comics, along side Action Comics #1, Batman #429, Captain America #25. Everyone knows the story ending, the title is the ending, Gwen Stacy dies in this issue. And the story really holds up over time, yes there is a completely pacing difference compared to today's comics, but that's really nothing to complain about. But here's how I see today's storytelling compared to this issue's. It's rather funny to me how quick...

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