The Amazing Spider-Man #111

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #111 - To Stalk a Spider! released by Marvel on August 1, 1972.

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    Kraven the Hunter enters the fray! Can Spidey handle him AND the Gibbon?

    At the start of this issue, Martin Blank, aka the Gibbon, is approached by Kraven the Hunter, who offers to give him power beyond his wildest dreams. Martin mentions that Kraven the Hunter is supposedly dead, and Kraven explains to Martin that although he had been pushed off a cliff by Ka-Zar, (in Amazing Spider-Man #104), he had grasped at tiny twigs and branches as he fell, which slowed down his fall enough that he didn't die, although the fall still severely injured him. After a few days, he set out to find Gog, an alien creature from another world whom he had befriended and trained. However, he found him dead, and his instincts told him that Spider-Man had been the one to kill him. Kraven then explains to Martin that both he and Martin have a reason to fight Spider-Man, although they shall have to team up, since he is still injured and Martin is untrained.

    Meanwhile, Spider-Man is heading for Aunt May's house, but finds it empty. However, inside there is a note addressed to him, so he sneaks in and reads it. The note says that Aunt May has gone away, and she asks Peter not to find out where she is. Before Peter can work out why, the police come to the door, since he was seen sneaking into Aunt May's house. Spider-Man then leaves, feeling guilty about Aunt May leaving. As he keeps swinging around, he finds himself at the Daily Bugle. Upon going inside to see Robbie, Robbie accuses Spider-Man of kidnapping Aunt May, since that's what the police reported after finding Aunt May missing. Luckily, Spider-Man has the note which Aunt May left for him, and gives it to Robbie.

    Meanwhile, Kraven the Hunter gives Martin a herb brew, which he claims will unleash the animal inside Martin. After drinking it, Martin attacks Kraven, but is eventually defeated, with Kraven claiming that they have a weak telepathic bond between them now. Kraven then sends Martin out to find Spider-Man, whilst thinking about how easy it is to use Martin.

    At Peter Parker's apartment, Gwen Stacy calls Peter up to remind him that he has classes that day. Upon Peter telling Gwen that Aunt May is missing , Gwen starts to feel guilty, saying that it's her fault since she told Aunt May not to be so maternal with Peter. Peter then goes out to search for Aunt May as Spider-Man, but doesn't find anything. After a few hours, he runs into Martin Blank again, who is a bit tougher now that he has Kraven on his side. However, although Martin starts to choke Spider-Man, he hesitates, allowing Spider-Man to knock him out. Meanwhile, Kraven the Hunter is disappointed with Martin for failing the job, and with himself for being impatient and not doing the job himself.


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