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Spider-Man and Ka-Zar must face the architect of Gwen’s kidnapping: Kraven the Hunter!

At the moment, Spider-Man is trapped in quicksand, and is in the Savage Land. His mind flashes back to how J. Jonah Jameson had seen an explorer on TV called Calkin claiming of a monster that had attacked his camp, and had decided to get photos of the monster for the Daily Bugle, with Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker coming along. After two days of preparation, the group reached the Savage Land, where Gwen was captured by the monster, whom the natives called Gog, and who serves Kraven the Hunter. Meanwhile, Peter faked his death then set off to rescue Gwen as Spider-Man, whilst Ka-Zar also searched for her.

Still stuck in the quicksand, Spider-Man shoots out some webbing, and tries pulling himself onto a branch, but the branch quickly breaks. Unfortunately, the falling branch jams his web-shooters, and it seems as though he is doomed to die after all. At the last second, Spider-Man is saved by Ka-Zar, who tells him that he is also on the trail of Gog. Although Ka-Zar first denies Spider-Man teaming up and saving Gwen, he realises how much he loves her and lets Spider-Man come with him.

Meanwhile, Gwen asks Kraven the Hunter what he is doing in the Savage Land. Kraven explains to Gwen that after a previous battle with Ka-Zar (in Astonishing Tales #2), he had started to brood, and was impatient for the Savage Land to be his. After returning to the Savage Land and looking for Ka-Zar, he found a space ship, crashed in the swamp. Upon entering it, he found a baby alien, the only thing alive in the ship. He then raised the alien like a son, calling him Gog.

Ka-Zar and Spider-Man overhear this, and are about to attack, when Gog notices Spider-Man, who has to flee and distract Gog. Whilst Spider-Man does this, Kraven and Ka-Zar fight. Although Kraven uses devices such as gas and an electric shock, Ka-Zar is saved by Zabu, which prompts Kraven to surrender. However, with Ka-Zar thinking Kraven defeated, Kraven used a noose to start to choke Ka-Zar. However, Ka-Zar then kicks Kraven off a cliff whilst being choked.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is being chased by Gog, but is trying to get back so that he can save Gwen. As he keeps going, he encounters a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which Gog then fights as Spider-Man makes his escape. Unfortunately, Gog keeps following Spider-Man after defeating the T-Rex, but Spider-Man manages to trick him into some quicksand.

Back at Jonah and Calkin's camp, the two are brooding over Gwen and Peter's apparent deaths, when Ka-Zar arrives, with Gwen. Gwen asks where Peter is, and Jonah tells her that he was knocked off a cliff shortly after she was captured by Gog. Just a moment later, Peter arrives, claiming that some trees broke his fall and knocked him out, and that he's just woken up. Peter, Gwen, Jonah, and Calkin then all leave the Savage Land.

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