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The Enforcers

The drama continues on head-first this month as Peter finds himself battling against some criminal goons working for mastermind Big Man (who to an extent foreshadows Kingpin thematically) as they wreak havoc on the civilians and businesses of New York. All this while Aunt May rests it up in Florida—well, at least poor Pete doesn't have to worry about that for a while at least. What really takes the forefront this issue round however is the surprisingly complex relationship that is budding between Parker and Betty Brant that puts the entire issue on one doozie of a cliffhanger of sorts.

The rest of the issue, which is essentially a whodunnit regarding who the ringmaster Big Man really is (many Jonah Jameson red herrings are thrown around, which I'm sure were convincing back in the day at least—the final reveal being less than stellar as a result), comes off a little hit and miss as we get some action between Spidey and the Big Man's Enforcers. On one hand, it's nice that we get some down to earth villains this month, but on the other, we also have to contend with Lee's usual broad stereotype archetype characters that never really prove much of a threat to Parker. All in all however, a strong issue that further develops many of the Spidey themes and drama that keep this series moving along and feeling fresh.

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    A lot of people don't like the 'supervillain' team The Enforcers. That's kind of understandable, they're not really very super at all - a strong guy, a scrappy little dude, and a guy with a lasso. But I like them. I've always thought of Spider-Man as a street level hero, along the lines of Batman and Daredevil - not a guy who should be trading punches with the likes of Dr. Doom or saving the planet like Thor or Iron Man.No, my problems with this issue have very little to do with the bad guys, an...

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    This issue is definatly a decent story. We meet The Big Man who is he?  We don't get an origin as to why he did it. We get the guy to organize all crime (how many times does Marvel do this).Of course crime runs rampant. Meanwhile Aunt May recovers from her sugery and blood transplant from Peter (did they do a What If to this?). Of course she goes on a vaction  with the neigbors(kinky if you ask me). Peter works on the crime and runs into the Enforcers who beat him up only to beat them later in t...

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