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    Spider-Man - (Lee/Ditko)

    With his Uncle's recent passing and with it lack of income to the household, Peter Parker decides his best course of action is to continue a show biz career as Spider-Man performing various stunts for a stunned audience. Unfortunately when he returns the following night for another performance he finds that it and all future shows have been cancelled due to a newspaper editorial by a Mr J. Jonah Jameson labelling him a menace. When the rocket piloted by Jameson's son John Jameson malfunctions however, Spider-man convinces the military to allow him to help and riding aboard a jet to catch up with John's capsule where he is able to web-zip onto the capsule and replace the defective guidance control so that John is able to land safely. While Parker believes he has redeemed himself in J. Jonah Jameson's eyes, the following day, another editorial is run accusing Spider-Man of sabotaging the rocket in the first place in order to perform a rescue and get more notoriety and change the public attitude towards him.

    Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon! - (Lee/Ditko)

    Still trying to make money, Peter Parker decides to attempt to join the Fantastic Four and so sneaks into their headquarters, the Baxter Building, where he encounters and battles the foursome with the intention of displaying his prowess and skills to them. Unfortunately for Peter, Reed Richards informs him that The Fantastic Four are a non-profit organization and disappointed by the revelation he quickly leaves in search once again of money to help his struggling Aunt. Meanwhile the master criminal known as The Chameleon hears of Spider-Man's visit to the Fantastic Four and concludes he must be desperate for money. Breaking into a military compound while dressed as Spider-Man, he steals a set of missile plans and escapes by helicopter just as the real Spider-Man arrives who he had lured to the military compound's location. Spider-Man realising this pursues and captures The Chameleon who quickly changes his appearance to mimic one of the security officers and nearly manages to escape until Spider-Man using his Spider-sense discerns which guard The Chameleon has disguised himself as. After ripping The Chameleon's disguise in a fight, revealing a Spider-Man costume below it, Spider-Man knowing that he has cleared his name scales the building and make his escape.


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    Two great stories in one! 0

    This issue features two different story's in one that was promised back in amazing Fantasy #15. These are two great stories that are both entertaining and historically significant. The first story introduces for the very first time the Jameson Family (J. Jonah and his son John).After a full seven months later after his last appearance, Peter Parker recalls his origin on how he became Spider-Man and the capture of the Burglar that murdered his Uncle Ben. The action of the story begins later as J...

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    A Solid Beginning 0

    There are two different stories in this book. The first, is the story that sets up the rivalry between Spiderman, and newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Here Spiderman saves his astronaught son John as his spaceship is going to crash. JJJ feels this takes publicity away from his son, "the real hero" and goes on a crusade to stop Spiderman. The second story is Spiderman Vs. The Chameleon. Realizing Spiderman must be desperate for cash, the Chameleon, poses as Spiderman for some robberies. B...

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    Amazing Spider-Man #1-5 Overview 0

    Spider-Man is my favorite super hero, and growing up as a child I was fortunate enough to have a father who had collected Marvel Tales reprints of most of the early Amazing Spider-Man issues, as well as the original issues that came out while growing up. Recently I decided to revisit them for the first time in years, and thought it might be nice to do some grouped together overviews.I don’t want to spend too much time on his origin story in Amazing Fantasy #15, as I’m sure most of you know it. B...

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