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    Volume 1.

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    Continued from Spider-Girl Volume 1 (1998). The second series starring Mayday Parker as Spider-Girl. The Spider-Girl series was retitled and given a new No. 1 & takes place sometime after the events of Spider-Girl #100 with May retired from her role as Spider-Girl and starting her junior year in high school.

    It's not long that May's sense of responsiblity kicks in and once again takes on her father's mantle as she tries to thwarth the Hobgoblin's plans to become Kingpin of Crime, take on the specimen of the Carnage symbiote, and meets up with a grown up Arana and learns of her relationship with the Black Tarantula.

    The series came to it's climax when the original Green Goblin's final revenge is set in motion, and what was his true plans for Baby May when he kidnapped her 16 years eariler.

    This series lasted 30 isssues and was continued in Digital Comics Spectacular Spider-Girl and later also in print version in Amazing Spider-Man Family issue 5, 6,7 and 8. It then went to print in Web of Spider-Man (vol.2) issues 1-7.

    Later she received a mini-series named Spectacular Spider-Girl that continued the Spider-Girl story. The Spider-Girl Saga was eventually ended in a one-shot named Spider-Girl : The End!".

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