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The Aerie is the gender fluid child of the president of Badhnisia. They were kidnapped by Badhnisian rebels, but when their mother wouldn't cooperate with them (a move The Aerie approved of), The Aerie was sold to another organization, The Post-Human Project. They experimented on The Aerie granting them wings. As a prisoner of the Post-Human Prokect, The Aerie met Wink and TNTeen, their Revolutionary teammates, and escaped together.

Suicide Squad

Osita eventually found them and recruited them to her Revolutionaries, where they posed as criminal freedom fighters in order to be arrested and placed on Amanda Waller's Task Force X. The problem was Waller no longer was in charge and instead had to deal with the even more ruthless Lok. Their main target was both Lok and Waller's boss, Ted Kord. He was using the Squad to target Badhnisia


The Aerie has large blue wings that allow them to fly.


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