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Tintin Fan would be overwhelmed!!

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The movie has come out really well. It is just about 1.5 hours but it seemed as though for 3 hours or even more. This movie, like any Tintin comic book, always had me at the edge of my seat and stayed there!!!!

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Firstly I would like to say that all characters - Tintin, Snowy & Haddock primarily have come out extremely well. I am a great fan of Tintin comics and grew up reading them. Usually I do not like comic book adapted movies so much as they deviate quite a lot. This movie for one, has come out exactly as the comic book panels fly by and matches whatever you would have imagined while reading Tintin comics - Well I must say - they come out BETTER THAN YOU COULD HAVE IMAGINED!!! - LOOKS & VOICE of these characters are simply a MAGIC!!!!!

Coming to the story - it just flows and you never know when it starts and when it ends. However the storyline is exactly as that of The Secret Of The Unicorn comic book. And at the end there is a hint that there will be a sequel with the Red Rakham's Treasure storyline (well that's my guess.)
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Bottomline: Being a great fan of Tintin comic book, I just loved the movie - every damn bit of it. Tintin looks amazingly cool. I don't think there could be any better opening for a comic book adapted movie.

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