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In 1945, Superman was wildly popular character who dominated comic books, radio and cartoons, mesmerizing fans of all ages. While his adventures were legendary, the exciting story of his childhood had so far gone unexplored.
This rare compilation of Superman history -most of which has never been reprinted- features Superboy, a small-town boy with mighty powers who battles for truth, justice and the American way!
THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY contains stories from MORE FUN COMICS #101-107 and ADVENTURE COMICS #103-121, written and drawn by the biggest talents of the Golden Age of comic books, and is the perfect complement to any Kryptonian collection.

Table of Contents:
Superboy! , The Cruiseof the Jolly Roger! , A Modern Cave Man! , Good Hunting! , The Million-Dollar Marbles Tournament! , Crimes of Delivery! , Ordeal on Wheels! , Happy Birthday! , Toytown, U.S.A.!, The Palace of Fantasy! , Weather,Hurricane! , The Sky is the Limit! , The Proof of Proverbs! , You Can't Lose! , The Farmer Takes It Easy! , The Whizz Quiz Club! , Super Safety First! , The 33rd Christmas! , S-U-P-E-R-B-O-Y Spells Danger! , The Adventures of Jaguar Boy! , Superboy,Toy-Tester! , The Miracle Plane! , The Quiz Biz Broadcast! , Superboy Meets Girl! , Perry White,Cub Reporter! , The Great Hobby Contest!

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