The Abyss

    Character » The Abyss appears in 9 issues.

    A seemingly endless humanoid shaped black hole.

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    Current Events

    After imprisonment, the Abyss was finally released by X.N. by using Chris King's brother as a conduit. When X.N. tried to capture it, it fled and sought out gems so that it could feed off of the light they projected. As it went through town, X.N. confronted it as Tap-Out but was unsuccessful. She tried to convince it to join with her again while it was absorbing the light from crystals and gems. It showed her the Squid's treachery and teleported her there.

    The Abyss swelled to immense sizes as he devoured the light of the city, and when X.N., as Hairbringer, confronted him again, he sent small nithlings to attack her. She decided to destroy him and simply find another void to use but Nelson Jent, as Cock-a-Hoop, intervened. The military attempted to attack him but he consumed both the light of the exploding rockets as well as the glow of the moon. On the Squid's advice, Nelson confused the small nothings who X.N. launched back at the Abyss. They began to devour him, which caused a strange reaction. As the Squid explained, when something consumes something, it leaves nothing behind. When nothing consumes nothing, it leaves something behind. The Abyss was turning into a statue when a figure possessing an H Dial emerged from it. This being, which Manteau called 'the shadow on the line,' killed X.N. and then vanished through the last of the Abyss's nothingness before it turned totally into matter and crumbled.


    The Abyss was created by Robert A. Buethe.


    On his home planet, the Squid and his people were 'null-herders,' and one piece of nothingness interested him particularly. It was cleverer than others of its kind and it brought back things from all over the universe. The Squid used it to go exploring but its hunger grew and it began to decide where they would go. When they ventured to Earth to steal gems that the Abyss could feed off of, they were defeated by the predecessors of the H Dial and sent tumbling through the nothingness.


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