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The A-Team's van was a GMC Vandura. Though the GMC logo was blacked out early in the second season, GMC continued to supply vans and to receive a credit on the show for all five seasons. The van is easily recognizable, with its prominent red stripe, rooftop spoiler and red turbine mag wheels. It is often erroneously believed that the van is a solid black, but in fact the portion of the van above the red stripe is a dark metallic grey.

The van belonged to B.A., and he was very protective of it, often refusing to allow other members of the team to drive it. Much to his anger, the van was often damaged or destroyed in the course of duty. When this happened, the team always managed to repair it by the next episode, regardless of how catastrophic the damage should have been. 

The van has become an enduring pop culture symbol, and has been reproduced in the form of a toy. A cardboard version was the case for a limited edition box set of the television show. It also appeared in the movie, but was smashed by falling debris early in the film.

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