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The 100

The organization known as the 1000 began life less than a decade earlier as the 100. At that time, one of the gang's fences was Albert Talbot. Talbot had plans to set up a girlfriend of his as a costumed villain, but the money he had coming in from the 100 convinced him to stay with them. In time he rose to the top of the organization, becoming its leader.

Then the 100 had Detective Sergeant Phillip Forrest killed - a shock which caused his daughter Rose to develop a split personality and she became the character known as Rose and Thorn. Ironically, it was in Talbot's old house that the Forrest's lived and one day in the adjoining shop, Rose found the costume and equipment she needed to fight the 100 as the Thorn. Talbot's face was subsequently scarred in a fire, and he was captured by Thorn and sent to prison.

By this time the 100 had entered into high tech crime. The organization had split itself into 10 divisions, each self perpetuating - so that if one member was lost, another was enlisted. These divisions were known as; the Amazons, the Dynamiters, the Hunters, the Mind-Benders, the Space Raiders, the Stealers, the Agents, the Sea Wolves, the Mobsters and the Athletes.

Driven underground by the Thorn and Superman, the 100 were quiet for some considerable time. Their re - emergence brought about the creation of another crime fighter - Black Lightning. At this time, Tobias Whale was the head of the group, and when he captured Whale, Black Lightning thought he had brought an end to the 100. However, the group once again survived and underwent another transformation.

This time, the Director of the 1,000 as it was now known, was US senator Ballard, whose grand scheme was to become President of the USA. At the time, this plot involved the assassination of President Reagan and Vice-President Bush, which would be carried out by someone known as the Chiller. Once he had achieved his objective, the Chiller - who was a shape shifter - would take Reagan's place, with only Bush's body being found. He would then appoint Ballard as his new VP, and a short time later would resign due to ailing health, leaving Ballard to run the country and free to insert members of the 1000 in places of authority throughout the US. This plan was thwarted by Booster Gold and three members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Since that time, the 1000 have clashed with Booster and the Thorn.


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