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Second collection of Future Shocks from the pages of 2000AD, available to subscribers of 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine only.

Cover: Grant Perkins and Jamie Roberts (Tharg the Mighty)

  • The Jigsaw Man (Mike Collins) (2000AD prog 539)
  • Letter to Ernie (Win Wiacek - Mark Farmer) (2000AD prog 544)
  • T.R.A.I.N (Alan Hebden - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD) prog 551)
  • The Invisible Man (Mike Collins - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 554)
  • Bedtime (Win Wiacek - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 557)
  • A Good Thing (P.Reid - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 558)
  • Killer Rhythms (Dick Foreman - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 560)
  • Care (Alan Mckenzie - Richard Elson) (2000AD prog 564)
  • Warriors (Mamo-Mason - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 565)
  • Plastic Surgeon (C.Smith - Glenn Fabry) (2000AD prog 567)
  • Disconnected (John Murphy - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 570)
  • Bliss (Alan Mckenzie - Mark Farmer) (2000AD prog 571)
  • Monsters! (Mamo-Mason - Will Simpson) (2000AD prog 586)
  • Team Work (Steve Dillon - Nigel Dobbyn) (2000AD prog 588)
  • Copyright (Jim Cambell - Nigel Dobbyn) (2000AD prog 604)
  • The Osmotic Man (John Smith - Horacio Lalia) (2000AD prog 605)
  • Vetted! (Jim Cambell - Chris Smith) (2000AD prog 606)
  • Accident (Larry Watson - Richard Elson) (2000AD prog 608)
  • In the Beginning (Larry Watson - Dave D'Antiquis) (2000AD prog 608)
  • Time to Wake up (Larry Watson - Jose Ortiz) (2000AD prog 609)
  • The Keepsake (Nicholas Barber - Kevin Walker) (2000AD prog 612)
  • At Twilight's Last Gleaming (John Tomlinson - Stephen Baskerville) (2000AD prog 613)
  • Pollution (Hilary Robinson - Kevin Walker) (2000AD prog 614)
  • Still Life (David Anderson - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 616)
  • The Flint Sisters (David Anderson - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 617)
  • Reunion (Nicholas Barber - Ron Smith) (2000AD prog 623)
  • Amanda (Jim Campbell - Chris Weston) (2000AD prog 623)
  • Just Between Ourselves (Donkin and Neal Brand - Gual) (2000AD prog 624)
  • For a Body Like Dwain Death's (David Anderson - Ron Smith) (2000AD prog 624)
  • He Met the Moon Men (Steward Edwards - Paul Marshall) (2000AD prog 627)
  • Touch of Death (Larry Watson - Duncan Goodacre) (2000AD prog 627)
  • Race Relations (Nicholas Barber - Ron Smith) (2000AD prog 628)
  • Opening Moves (John Smith - Mick Austin) (2000AD prog 629)
  • The Foreign Model (Mark Millar - Dave D'Antiquis) (2000AD prog 643)
  • You Need Friends (Larry Watson - Massimo Belardinelli) (2000AD prog 646)
  • Bingo Hits the Big Time (Paul Carstairs - Andrew Wildman) (2000AD prog 648)


none of this issue.


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none of this issue.

Story Arcs

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