Character » Thanoseid appears in 8 issues.

    Thanoseid is the Amalgam combination of Thanos and Darkseid and possesses the combined strength, agility, durability, and both of their various powers.

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    Thanoseid is one of the two most dangerous villains in the Amalgam Universe. He is the absolute ruler of the realm of Apokolips, the dark half of the twin realms.

    His goals include annihilation, absolute power, and the favour/favor of Lady Death. To these ends he seeks out the Ultimate Anti-life Nullifier. Although it seems he is not all bad, with Highfather Odin claiming so. He regrets the loss of his 'son' Orion, whom it appears he himself killed. He kidnapped Diana Prince and Trevor Castle's son and used his power to send him back in time, raising him as his own son Kanto. He plotted to have Trevor kill his own son just as he had but the plan was foiled by Diana.

    Additionally, it was he who instigated the events that led to the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour, the greatest battle yet to take place in the Amalgam Universe. During this event he, along with Doctor Doomsday, sought to obliterate all that was, save only Thanoseid's realm of Apokolips.

    Current Events

    Thanoseid has appeared in numerous Amalgam comic books.

    Powers & Abilities

    Despite his great resources, and the combined strength, intelligence, powers, and stamina of Darkseid and Thanos. His greatest weapon is his command over the Omega Effect.


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