thanos power upgrade ?

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Now he is more powerful, but how much. Like Odin level, or more like Post-A Silver-Surfer. Not avengers assemble thanos who was weak without the cube.

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I would say he was on par with post-Annihilation Surfer, if not slightly below during Annihilation.

After his resurrection for the Thanos Imperative, he was more powerful and unkillable. He manhandled the Cancerverse Captain Mar-Vell, who was shown to be more powerful than the Surfer.

Now, it would seem he has been severely depowered because Bendis has obviously never read any cosmic books. (see Avengers Assemble calamity)

I doubt he is on par with Odin, since Fraction had Odin giving Galactus problems (another great writer, Matt Fraction).

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Before the Cancerverse throw down he was able to survive Odin going all in on him and he has tangled with Galactus as well. If he was given a power upgrade he should be close to Tyrant levels now (another person he survived against).

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