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I looked around the site a bit and realized there's only like one real respect thread for Thanos. Seriously, only one? This should add a little icing on the cake, because come on, its freaking Thanos.

Well anyways, they will be categorized in Durability, Shields, Strength, Energy manipulation, Mind Power, Intel, and some other stuff.


Unfazed by blasts from Odin and Surfer

Refuses to go down after tanking several blasts from a frustrated Odin (note: Surfer was dropped in one blast)

Taking hits from a Warrior Madness Power Gem Thor only gives him a minor nose bleed

Thanks to his shields he survives a blast from Omega, a Galactus level being

Survives an explosion from The Fallen One

Shields take Surfers blast

Completely unfazed by a point blank blast from Surfer

A fed Galactus having to exert himself to destroy Thanos's shield

Survives an explosion from Kosmos


Matches Tyrants strength

Destroys a planet as a side effect of his battle with Drax

Handles Thing and Hulk like children

Knocks out Thing with a punch

Nearly kills Silver Surfer with a few punches

Easily catches Terrax's ax (note: His ax has split a planet in half)

Easily takes down Mar Vell


Turns Skragg to stone

Knocks out Thing with one blast

Sends Galactus sailing with one blast

Takes out Thor and Thing with eye beams

Matches In-Betweener's power

Dishes out a blast that makes the universe scream

Takes out Drax with a blast

Absorbs life force

Defeats Fallen One


Destroys the mind of Pip the Troll

Astral battle against Goddess with Adam Warlock and Professor X

Mental battle against Galactus

Mind battle with Moondragon


Outsmarts and owns Champion with the Power Gem

Outsmarts Runner


Absorbs Eternity, Infinity, and the Living Tribunal with the Heart of the Universe


If you got more scans for Thanos.....POST EM

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Dammmmnnn, it's gonna be pretty hard for someone in my opinion to come back after these posts. Awesome Forum and display of Thanos Feats. if they have stuff more eye candy, I would be beyond glad to see them.

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Great forum for Thanos

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Does this confirm that Thanos is indeed well versed in black arts magic?

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Thanos (hasn't always been, but) always will be my favorite comic book character of all time, from any universe!! Mad respect for Thanos of Titan!!!!!

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If only my pal could return all of my infinity books.

Oh yeah! The battle between Thanos and the Thanos clone made by Magus. It was cool as well.

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Thanos tanks a point blank shot from the Universal Weapon, snaps it.

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I liked Thanos but he is way overpowered . Even the entire justice league and Avengers can't lay a scratch on him . SMFH

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