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I just got Warlock and The Inifinity watch #25 off of Ebay and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. For those Thanos fans that haven't read it or don't know, That is the issue where Odin reportedly (on the vine) beats Thanos. If you haven't read the issue but you have read on the vine that Odin beats Thanos I have good news for you... I read the issue and Odin doesn't beat him!! They go toe to toe in Asgard (Odin's Realm where he is supreme in power) and Odin cannot stop/hurt him. Midway through the stalemate where Odin is trying to kill Thanos (yes he admits he has been trying to kill him) he summons Gungnir for help. He actually needs his spear to help him face Thanos! Even with Gugnir in hand Odin can't stop Thanos from pressing the fight. Thanos is so relentless he wades through everything Zeus is throwing at him and grabs Gungnir!!!! That's right, Odin is trying to kill Thanos and cannot even stop him from walking up to him and grabbing his spear. Thanos and Odin blast into the air surrounded by energy. Odin does succeed in dislodging Thanos from the spear and knocking him down. Odin comments on thanos "It has been Eons since I have fought such a foe". Thanos rises smoldering and when Odin asks "do you yield villain" Thanos replies "NO!"   Odin's eye lights up like he is about to fight again, and Thanos hands crackle with energy when the infinity watch shows up and keeps them from continuing the fight.  
Other than getting knocked down Thanos totally stood toe to toe and matched Odin. Getting knocked down is not a defeat!!! Thanos took on Odin with Gugnir in Asgard and stalemated him!! Thanos is the MAN!  
For Thanos fans who haven't read it, the art is pretty bad, but it is a must have for your Thanos badassery collection!

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Anyone other fans read this issue? 

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It's actually the only issue of the Blood and Thunder arc I don't have and one of two issues of Warlock and the Infinity Watch I don't have. Sounds like one of the better ones. Your description helps fill in the blanks for me though, so thanks.

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I read the issue but I'm not a fan of Thanos.More a fan of Warlock. 

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I'm not a fan of Thanos but I like him . And yes , I've read that issue .

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Also I think people were saying Thanos lost to Odin because all he did was survive.He didn't put up much of a fight.

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I am so ticked off that I don't have that issue!
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Thanos is the baddest of the bad Marvel villains.
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Blood and Thunder is top story and that issue for me was a fantastic read !!!

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