Thanos Rising #1

    Thanos Rising » Thanos Rising #1 released by Marvel on June 2013.

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    What comes after "Marvel NOW!"? Whatever it is, it starts HERE.

    The vile face left movie audiences in shock after last summer's Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" movie, but who is this eerily disturbing villain?

    Thanos rises as the unrivaled rogue of wretchedness in this gripping tale of tragedy, deceit and destiny. Where did this demi-god of death and destruction come from and...more importantly what does he want?

    The answers come from the incredible creative team of Jason Aaron (Wolverine, X-Men Origins) and Simone Bianchi (Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men) as they take you on journey that will not only change the course of one boy's life...

    ...but will soon change the very nature of the Marvel Universe.

    Plot Summary


    On Titan Thanos walks among the ruins of his homeworld and the ruins of the Utopia he came from. Thanos searches for the grave of his mother and after clearing away some rock he finds it.

    Many years ago

    In Titan the underground utopian city of the Eternals.

    Thanos is being born but he is caught up in the umbilical cord when he is born the doctors are shocked at his appearance and say that it is unfortunately going to live and they will find out why this happened and why he is purple. His father tells them not to and picks up the child and gives him the name Thanos calling him strong and perfect and the child who would not die. Thanos's father then presents him to his mother Sui-San but when she sees him she grabs a knife and tries to kill him but A'Lars (Thanos's father) stops him and she is sedated but as she falls to sleep she says that Thanos will kill them all and that he is a monster.

    In the playground a few years later Thanos is sitting drawing when some kids come up to him saying he looks weird Thanos says this is merely part of his genetics and then he starts going on about his brother Eros who is better known on Titan. The kids invite him to play and also say he is the smartest kid in school. When he agrees to play his drawing is left on the ground it is off a carcass of a lizard found on Titan.

    Thanos talks to his father about what he is going to do for the annual celebration of science saying that he will show to people why he is different from other people and why he is purple. His father isn't listening and Thanos walks off.

    Thanos vists his mother who has been locked up in a strait jacket in an asylum. He tells her about the dreams his been having and how he dreams that his mother was trying to kill him with a knife when he was born he then tells her about another dream he's been having of him taking the same knife but on his mother when he is all grown up. Thanos says to his mother he has found a cure for the dreams not to sleep any more. Thanos then says he is going to to give flowers to Cythera and will ask her to be his girlfriend.

    Back out on the playground Thanos is playing with everyone three girls are discussing him asking why he is purple and a strange girl says that he is more than anybody can imagine and not just a simple mutation.

    Thanos is in a biology lesson and sees a cut up animal and goes and vomits outside of the classroom. The strange girl starts talking to him telling him that everyone doesn't feel great the first time they see a dissection and she says that he will never be a great scientist if he gets squeamish and then if this is true Thanos says he shouldn't be a scientist. The girl then shows him a special place that she likes to go to.

    Thanos goes with some friends to explore some caves but the cave collapses and Thanos is separated from the other children. Thanos spends three days digging out of the cave he sees a number of reptiles appear with him he digs out of the cave and finds all his friends eaten by some lizards.

    Back home every kids is talking about what happened and no child has died on Titan for two hundred years and that the only person who survived was Thanos. One of the lizards comes up to him and he almost strangles it but the strange girl comes up to him and tells him to go back to the caves. Thanos returns to the caves and kills all of them cutting up them with the same knife that was used to dissect one earlier.



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    My favourite villain gets a promising origin story 0

    I say I couldn’t wait for something’s quite a lot but this when it was announced I put aside money to get it I was really excited for this as Thanos is my all-time favourite villain he just always has been one of my favourites and I’ve missed him so when this was announced and the Infinity series I knew this was going to be a good year.PlotThanos returns to his home on Titan to his mother’s grave.Years ago Thanos is born but is born wrong and when his mother sees him she tries to kill him but h...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    The Birth of Thanos 0

    Although not the biggest fan of Thanos I have been a fan of his for quite a while now, and have began to like him even more in recent years, but I still shamefully don't know as much about him as I should, and when I heard about this origin story I was happy as it'd be a good point to learn more about his background, something that I know hasn't been to far developed in the past.PlotThanos is born on Titan, and is the son of Mentor, and Sui-San. He grows up wanting to be a scientist like his fat...

    10 out of 11 found this review helpful.

    "Show Them Who You Are, Thanos of Titan" 0

    To start things off I feel the need to point out that I have literally no exposure to Thanos prior to reading this, aside from the cameo in the Avengers movie. I skimmed through his history on the articles here and on wikipedia, but I've never seen him in action.I know not everyone is a fan of Simone Bianchi's artwork, but pretty much everyone who IS a fan is a huge fan. You either don't like his work or you absolutely love it, and I absolutely love it.I found this to be an extremely fascinatin...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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