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981255 ygclouzet Character Overview 05/31/16 09:53PM 16 Approved
743219 Ondskapt666 Character Overview 06/26/15 02:41PM 52 Approved
684491 Comicbookman26 Character Overview 04/02/15 08:33AM 2 Approved
631849 obiwanhomie Character Overview I just had to change the specifics of his power. Someone had the left and right hand's use of Thane's mixed up. 02/02/15 12:33AM 1 Approved
629475 Exile-616 Character Overview 01/30/15 11:06PM 1 Approved
629474 Exile-616 Character Overview 01/30/15 11:05PM 15 Approved
560198 jloneblackheart Character Overview alias 11/05/14 04:46PM 3 Approved
558235 oceanmaster21 Character Overview 11/01/14 08:47AM 16 Approved
552617 jloneblackheart Character Overview powers 10/22/14 06:25PM 5 Approved
291090 jloneblackheart Character Overview f/e 11/29/13 09:03AM 3 Approved
291084 jloneblackheart Character Overview History and Powers 11/29/13 09:01AM 73 Approved
291071 jloneblackheart Character Overview correct format 11/29/13 08:52AM 1 Approved
289804 Exile-616 Character Overview 11/27/13 07:08AM 7 Approved
289802 Exile-616 Character Overview 11/27/13 07:06AM 9 Approved
251916 oceanmaster21 Character Overview i think thane has to be powerful i mean his mom is a inhuman like black bolt who is the most powerful hero in marvel besides silver surfer in my opinon 2 his father is the most powerful villian in marvel so that together i would mess with him idk what kind of powers he has but physically he has to lift over 1000 tons 10/18/13 08:50PM 16 Denied
250527 dondave Character Overview 10/17/13 09:48PM 1 Approved
242749 dondave Character Overview 10/10/13 01:24AM 17 Approved
242529 cameron83 Character Overview 10/09/13 08:43PM 6 Approved
226817 The Cyan Lantern Character Overview Thane game update & image 09/27/13 08:07AM 30 Approved
218846 Saren Character Overview 09/21/13 11:02PM 57 Approved
218838 Saren Character Overview Tfw no page. 09/21/13 10:55PM 50 Approved

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