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    Thanatos is an evil doppleganger of Aquaman from a alternate dimension called the "Netherspace".

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    Hails from Netherspace, hates his doppelganger Aquaman.


    Thanatos was created by Jim Aparo and Steve Skeates. He first appears in Aquaman #54.

    Story Arc

    Thanatos first appeared while Aquaman was knocked unconscious, plaguing the Sea King's dreams. Later when Aquaman's wife Mera went insane and left this dimension, Thanatos trapped her in Netherspace and brainwashed her into believing he was the true Aquaman, her husband and father to Arthur Jr., their son. Eventually Mera managed to escape that dimension and confused, confronted Aquaman while he was in bed with Dolphin. Realizing she had escaped, Thanatos forced her back, regaining some of his control of her, but Aquaman and Dolphin ultimately followed.

    Thanatos entered into a seemingly time spanning duel with Aquaman. Defeated in combat, Thanatos actually wins the contest by default when Arthur spares his life. The Others, rulers of Netherspace, granted Thanatos absolution for being pure evil and sentenced Aquaman to life in purgatory for his mercy alongside Dolphin, Mera and Arthur Jr.

    Thanatos returned to Earth dimension and immediately went to Poseidonis, intent on assuming Arthur's position as king. He was shocked to find that it had recently been deserted. Filled with anger he sent a message to the surface world declaring all out war on them, and set out for the surface to wreak havoc. However, as he leaves the city he is killed from afar by a newly Neron-empowered Major Disaster. Disaster believed he was killing Aquaman.

    Powers and abilities

    Thanatos possesses powers similar to Aquaman with some key differences.

    Superhuman Strength

    Like Aquaman, Thanatos possesses immense super human strength. His strength is shown to be greater than Aquaman's.

    Superhuman Speed

    Being a doppelganger of Aquaman, Thanatos possesses extreme levels of underwater speed. His speed is shown to be lesser than Aquaman's.

    Superhuman Durability

    Like Aquaman, Thanatos possesses great superhuman durability, being able to take quite a punishment from Aquaman.

    Underwater Adaptation

    Being a doppelganger of Aquaman, Thanatos is able to normally function and move underwater, unfazed by the pressure, temperatures or lack of light.

    Skilled Warrior

    Thanatos is shown as a skilled warrior, in particular as a gladiator using traditional melee weapons and shields.

    Intellect (Manipulator)

    Thanatos has been shown as a very cunning and manipulative opponent, often waiting for his plans to play out before engaging in direct combat.

    Weaponry & Equipment

    Aquaman Camo Suit

    Thanatos wears a variation of Aquaman's old 80's underwater camouflage suit.



    Thanatos angers easily and in many instances his rage contributes to his downfall.


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