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DeThailog turned on his father's shortly after his creation and nearly killed Sevarius and Xanatos along with his biological "father" Goliath. If it wasn't for the timely intervention of Eliza Maza of all three would have perished.

Thailog later re-emerged in Paris. He had become Demona's mate and was plotting with her to capture MacBeth and take his wealth. He was also conspiring against Demona too and planned for her and Macbeth to kill each so he could take Macbeth and Demona's fortunes. He was again foiled by Eliza Maza and Goliath. Demona never found out he planned to double cross her and fled with him.

Demona and Thailog arranged for Demona to be captured by the Manhattan Clan. The plan was for Demona to convert Angela to her cause and release a robotic mosquito to obtain dna samples of the rest of the Manhattan Clan so Thailog could clone them. Unknown to Demona he also created a clone of her with dna taken from Eliza Maza added in to create Delilah.

Demona and Thailog managed to capture the Manhattan Clan and Thailog ordered the death of Angela. Demona objected, Thailog wasn't at all surprised and revealed Delilah to Demona. Demona freed Goliath and Thailog's plan was thwarted. Demona then tried to kill Thailog for betraying her, it looked at though she had succeeded. 
Eventually Thailog resurfaces, and infiltrates the labyrinth to regain control of the Manhattan Clan's clones. Following regaining control he then leads them to the Eryie Building, leading them to believe they are reclaim Delilah. Once there he was met by Goliath and Owen, who in exchange for his weapon brought him Delilah.Thailog, then revealed a hidden blade in his gauntlet, with which he proceeded to stab Goliath in the stomach with.Before torturing Goliath, who was rescued by Elisa and the other Gargoyles. After the other gargoyles had arrived, Thailog made sure to slash each one of the clan, with a series of rotating blades. The battle drew on until finally Delilah decided to side with neither group, and return back to the labyrinth taking all of the clones except Brentwood back along with her. While Thailog and Brentwood returned to Nightstone Unlimited, where he met with Sevarius and revealed there real plan had been to collect DNA samples from each of the Gargoyles. 
During this Shari appeared to Thailog, Thailog was ready to kill her until spotting the emblem of the Illuminati, after this he ordered Brentwood and Sevarius to leave, and greeted her in typical Illuminati fashion, before hiring her. Shari then told Thailog stories about the Stone of Destiny for the next several nights. Before he was asked by Falstaff to talk to Fang and Yama about having the Redemption Squad join the Illuminati.


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