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    Thaedus is the founder of the Coalition of Planets. He is also secretly a Viltrumite, working towards defending other planets from the Viltrumites tyrannical domination.

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    Thaedus is the founder of the Coalition of Planets. The Coalition's main purpose is to be a united front against the Viltrumite empire. Thaedus had sent out Allen the Alien to test out Planetary defenses to see if they can withstand a Viltrumite attack. Eventually Thaedus revealed to Allen that he(Thaedus) too is a Viltrumite. Thaedus also had a back-up plan just in case the Coalition of Planets failed against the Viltrumite Empire. He had scientist bio-engineer a new form of the scourge virus. The original Scourge virus wiped out 99% of the Viltrumite population. Thaedus being a survivor of the plague had anti-bodies for the virus. The new virus would by-pass the old anti-bodies in Viltrumites causing their extinction.

    Thaedus has been making preparations for the Viltrumite War with the help of Allen and Nolan. With their help, they were able to figure out Viltrumite weaknesses. Thaedus has now assembled a team for the Coalition of Planets capable of taking out the Viltrumite empire. About to commence the war, Talescria was attacked. Thaedus knew that now was the time to strike. Thaedus and his squad of heroes followed the Viltrumites back to Viltrum. An explosive battle ensued in the orbit of Viltrum. Thaedus told Invincible and Nolan that now was the time to strike the planet. The three of them came down like a human asteroid, destroying Viltrum in one blow. This move only angered Grand Regent Thragg. He had had enough, so he ripped Thaedus' head off, ending his life.

    With Thaedus dead, Allen became the leader of Talescria and the Coalition of Planets. Upon returning home, he was given Thaedus' final will and testament on an info tablet. Thaedus informed Allen of a perfected scourge virus that is guaranteed to exterminate all Viltrumite life. He told Allen to forget about his Viltrumite friends and allies, to use it for the good of the universe. Thaedus told Allen to not let him have died in vain.

    Powers and Abilities

    Thaedus's Viltrumite physiology grants him the same powers as Omni-Man; He's born with an enchanced lung capacity, a healing factor, superhuman speed, flight, dominant DNA, invulnerability, superhuman endurance, the ability to travel through space, superhuman strength, a slowed down aging process, and superhuman stamina. Thaedus is also a well capable hand-to-hand fighter and leader.

    • Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability, and Reflexes: All of his physical attributes are at superhuman levels. He has demonstrated in being capable of fighting other Viltrumites like Anissa, and General Kregg. During the Viltrumite War, it only took him, Mark, and Nolan to fly through their home planet Viltrum, and destroy it completely. Thaedus is capable of keeping up with Nolan and Invincible (whom are faster than the speed of light). His durability is significantly massive when he survived Viltrum's explosion, and exchanged blows with super-strong beings like the Viltrumites.
    • Flight: Thaedus can fly without aid and can go far beyond into the vacuum of space.
    • Interstellar Travel: He can survive in the vacuum of space and is immune to it's cold, freezing atmosphere.
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Although, Thaedus cannot breath in space but, he can hold his for up to two weeks.
    • Dominant Genetics: As part of being a Viltrumite, his genes are capable of overriding another alien's genes when they have a child.
    • Decelerated Aging: He has lived for over thousands of years and is still in his physical prime.

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