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Jaguar Moon

Connor Hawke infiltrates Winkywood Manor, the home of Winston Keever. Keever Enterprises is the forerunner for real estate and entertainment in North America. Keever's fortune derives from his cartoon creation Winky Toons and the founding of several Winkyworlds throughout the globe. Now, Keever has set his sights on Napa County for the construction of another Winky World. Connor gets involved because the monastery where he was raised is located in Napa County and is being threatened by Keever Enterprises. Connor breaks into Keever's home just as Keever was performing some erotic role playing with his mistress. Both Keever and his mistress were dressed as Winky Toon characters when they were interrupted. Connor tries to reason with Keever in rethinking his position in demolishing Napa County but before Keever could reply, three men dressed in Aztec Jaguar garments jump through one of Winkywood's 16th century blown glass windows. Connor makes short work of these supposed Aztec warriors and demands to know what is going on.

Keever explains that he is also breaking ground for another Winky World in Mexico. The proposed site is near an Aztec temple which could desecrate the ancestral history of the pyramid. Keever's involvement in this real estate venture has angered Chama Sierra, a cocaine drug lord/ cultist who hides behind his legitimate holdings. Keever has seeked outside assistance over the border but the cops are in Sierra's pocket. Connor strikes a bargain with Keever. If Connor removes the opposition from Mexico then Keever will agree to leave Napa Valley alone. Keever is reluctant to agree to Connor's terms especially when Keever's mistress starts hitting on Connor. Connor heads to Mexico City in order to gather intel on Sierra.

Meanwhile, Chama Sierra has a private meeting with Neron. Neron agrees to help Chama achieve godhood if he eliminates the Green Arrow. Chama agrees to Neron's conditions and relinquishes his soul. Chama calls for one final meeting with his followers. The three men and a high priest report their failure to eliminate Keever because Green Arrow got involved. Chama views their defeat as a minor setback but also as an opportunity. Green Arrow will come for Chama but it will be Tezcatlipoca, the Jaguar God who will be waiting for Connor. At that moment, Chama transforms into the jaguar god himself and satisfies his blood by ripping the priest's heart out of his chest then he chews off the hands of the three Aztec warriors who failed him.

After flirting with the flight attendants, Connor lands in Mexico City. Connor heads to construction site for Winky World Mexicano but he is attacked by two of Chama's hired thugs who have been terrorizing the workers at the site. Chama takes down the thugs and begins interrogating them until he is interrupted by Agent Carlita Charro of the Federal Judicial Police. Charro tells Connor to let Chama's men go and Connor complies. Connor tells Charro about why he is in Mexico City and why he is working with Keever. Charro expresses her contempt for Keever but at the same time, she can't stand Sierra's grip over the city. Connor tells Charro that he is willing to double cross Keever and put an end to his developments in Mexico City but not before he helps Charro bringing Sierra to justice.

Charro gets Connor settled in a room at a local Sheraton before they can move on Sierra's operation at the Aztec pyramid. Connor calls in Eddie Fyers for assistance when he is taken by surprise. The three Aztec warriors that tried to kill Keever were now ordered to attack Connor at the Sheraton. Their severed hands were replaced by cybernetic jaguar claws but despite their lethal advancements, they were still no match for Connor. Connor immediately heads to rendezvous point to meet up with Charro because she might be running into a trap.

Charro and Connor get through the perimeter and make their way to the pyramid of Tezcatlipoca. They notice some of Chama's men loading up a van when they detect the scent of cat urine. Connor tries to pin point the source of the smell until he hears something in the trees. Charro points her flashlight into the tree top and spots Chama in jaguar form. Connor and Charro try to outrun Chama by firing bullets as well as arrows at him. It took three of Charro's hollow points to finally slow the beast down. Charro and Connor enter the pyramid to escape Chama. Connor stands watch over the entrance of the pyramid while Charro looks for a secret passage way. Charro learned about this hidden doorway from her history nun in Catholic school.

Charro opens the passage way and both heroes head for a more secure location. Charro figures this passage way will force Chama into a bottleneck making it easier for her and Connor to subdue Chama. The passageway lead to a room where a statue of Quetzalcoatl stood. Charro asks Connor if he has magnesium flare arrow because she might have an idea. Chama finds the secret passageway and attempts to catch up with the heroes. As soon as Chama saw the statue of Tezcatlipoca's most hated enemy, Connor set off the flare and the bright light frightened Chama into thinking Quetzalcoatl had come for the jaguar god.

Chama ran away in fear while the heroes chased him out of the temple. Chama ran back to his men and situated himself in their getaway van. By the time Connor and Charro reached the entrance of the pyramid, they discovered that Chama was gone as well as the van. Charro had no idea where Chama could have gone but Connor could only think of one place that Chama would go. Chama eventually got to Winkywood Manor in attempt to assassinate Winston Keever himself. Fortunately, Connor got there to take Chama by surprise. Connor makes quick work of Chama in the dark and because of his failure, Chama reverts back to his human form.

In the end, Keever pulls out of his plans to build a Winky World in Mexico City because of the economy in Mexico is no good. As for Napa Valley, Keever only agrees to keep out of the Napa Valley County for only six months unless Connor can come up with the money to exclusively buy out the county for the monks. After all of his hard work, Connor was cheated in saving the Napa Valley but at least Charro managed to put Chama behind bars. Fortunately, Keever Sr. overheard his son's conversation with Connor and decided to front the money for county because he owed a debt to Connor's father...Oliver Queen.


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