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    One Riot, One Ranger

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    The Texas Rangers were unofficially created by Stephen F. Austin in 1823 with the permission of the Mexican government to protect white settlers in the Texas territory from Indians and outlaws, and were formally constituted in 1835 after Texas won it’s independence from Mexico, adding raids from South of the Boarder to their duties.  

    In order to survive Rangers were learned the Indian ways which included horsemanship, stealth and wilderness survival.

    Consisting at first of only 25 men the Texas Rangers often had to work on their own, so that the phrase “One Riot, One Ranger,” became assisted with them.  

    Dissolved for a time after the Civil War they reformed a few years later just in time for the “wild west” era and exist to this day.

    Some of their more noted advisories were Sam Bass, John Wesley Hardin & Bonnie and Clyde. 

    As would be expected they have been portrayed in dozens or more likely hundreds of novels, films, and comic books. 

    Their most famous fictional member being John Reid, better known as The Lone Ranger, who officially speaking was The Lone `Texas’ Ranger. 

    There was also a long running series from Charlton Comics in the 1950s and any number of incidental non series Texas Ranger characters in the pages of Western comics from DC, Timely/Marvel, St. John, Dell, Avon and others.     

    Texas Rangers "Deputy Ranger" Oath

    1. Be Alert.
    2. Be Obedient.
    3. Defend the Weak.
    4. Never Desert a Friend.
    5. Never Take Unfair Advantage.
    6. Be Neat.
    7. Be Truthful.
    8. Uphold Justice.
    9. Live Cleanly.

    Have Faith in God.    


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