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New team
New team
After Jack Hawksmoor became leader of the Authority they no longer just fought against super villains but they also fought against the many different corrupt and powerful countries in the world. The seven of the richest pulled together and wanted the Authority out of the way. The used a super villain named Seth to get rid of them by having him sneak on the Carrier and capture all the members of the Authority.

The only members that made it out where Midnighter and Jenny Quantum but even so the G7 countries went on with the next step and created a New Authority with members from those countries. Teuton was the german member and he was given powers like those of Apollo. When he and the other moved into the Carrier they got rid of a group of refugees and put them in a place called Re-Space. When the team was being blessed on TV the team noticed how the world was changing and their bosses weren't in charge.

After to flying to an alien ship Teuton saw that the aliens where really the people they got rid of who now had the power to rewrite the world as they pleased. They used their new powers to turn the new team into the old on and Teuton became Apollo. But after his change he touched Last Call now Midnighter. His hate of homosexuals caused him to break free and then the others followed. Then the world was put back he way it was before.

After a fight with beings from the future it was revealed that Apollo was in the basement of the Carrier and was being beaten by Teuton and Last Call. After Midnighter got on board Teuton was ready to test his sexuality and was about to rape Apollo, but Midnighter tore out Teuton's brain.


Teuton has the same powers of Apollo meaning flight, strength, invulnerablity, and heat vision.

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