Tether Tyrant

    Character » Tether Tyrant appears in 26 issues.

    Tether Tyrant is a henchman of Machine Head. He has thirty elastic-like tendrils that spawn from his chest.

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    Character Information

    Real name: Unrevealed

    Occupation: Professional criminal

    Identity: Secret

    Legal status: Citizn of the U.S. with a criminal record

    Known aliases: None

    Place of birth: Unrevealed

    Marital status: Unrevealed

    Known relatives: None

    Group affilations: Machine Head, King of Atlantic City, Vicious Circle

    Base of operations: Mobile

    Height : 5' 10"

    Weight: 230 lbs

    Hair: Bald on top

    Eyes: Brown

    Strength level: Invincible has acknowledged that a punch thrown by him was enough to hurt him, indicating that he likely possesses superhuman strength, the limits of which are unknown.


    Little is known about the true identity of the thug Tether Tyrant or the origin of the "tether" appendages that sprout from his torso like tentacles made of unbreakable bubblegum. What is indisputable is that Tether Tyrant is a sadistic and successful assassin whose tethers have snapped necks or wrung the breath out of over 200 people around the world. Tether Tyrant was placed on Interpol's top 100 list where, as he often points out, he has remained for five years straight. Tether Tyrant works the freelance circuit as a hitman or enforcer for criminal gangs.

    Tether Tyrant has worked briefly for the Chicago based Vicious Circle and as muscle for the crime lord Machine Head on several occasions. He does not appear to be intelligent or ambitious enough to go into business by himself and seems content doing work for hire, which offers variety and travel opportunities. The closest he has come to solo work are the team-ups with his occasional partner and some time rival Magmaniac.

    Recently, Machine Head hired Tether Tyrant and several other super-thugs as bodyguards, but the contract was short lived. Machine Head and nearly all his henchmen were defeated in a pitched battle with Invincible and the new Guardians of the Globe. Tether Tyrant is now in federal custody at an undisclosed location, but later escaped with Magmaniac before being captured by Invincible again. Following the destruction of Paris by The Order, Tether Tyrant and Magmaniac were employed by Titan again to take down Machine Head once and for all, but when Magmaniac was killed by Machine Head's body guard, Vault. Tyrant bonded with his harness, but went insane in the process before Brit and the Guardians were able to calm him down. He surrendered and was taken back to prison.

    Known superpowers

    The Tether Tyrant wields 30 mentally controlled flexible, elongated, prehensile strands of unknown composition that emerge from a harness fastened across his chest that respond like extensions of his own body. The "tethers" appear to be some form df plasticized polymer shaped in long flat strands whose end cap dimensions are approximately 1/2 inch wide by 4 inches high. The appendage like tendrills are capable of extending at least 20 feet from the point of origin inside the chest harness. The tethers appear to stick to the objects that they attach too, but are in fact not sticky. The attachment is achieved when the surface of a tendril comes into contact with a target object and initializes a cohesive intermolecular bonding between the tethers and materials of vastly different chemical and molecular make-ups is unknown.

    The Tether Tyrant can manipulate all 30 tendrils independently of one another as well as perceive "tactile" sensations through them. The appendages react instananeously to the Tether Tyrants synaptic impulses in much the same way as his limbs do. The strands are capable of grasping, handling and restraining any objects that they can come into contact with. The pliancy and tensile strength of the tethers is unknown but appears to be very high in both cases. It is theorized that the 30 tendrils are somehow shunted into a pocket dimension whose access point is the 10 inch wide circular aperture on the chest harness. Observers have questioned the unusual nature of his power. It appears that, since Omni-Man's tecnology becane available in the 1980's numerous governmental and criminal organizations have tried many ways to use Smart Atoms, usually with no success. However, occasional mutations have useful features and Tether Tyrant may be one of these. Wether the tethers are a combination of rapid cell growth and smart atom strength or a symbiotic life form of some kind is unknown.


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