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This issue uses the account of Lot’s daughters getting Lot drink and sleeping with him on consecutive nights in order to pass on their father’s seed as its starting point (Genesis 19: 30-38). In an extra-biblical account of Lot’s daughters, Lot’s older daughter recounts how she and her sister were ishtaritu, temple prostitutes in the service of Astarte, back in Sodom.

The narrative then shifts to Amos, Greco, Pig, and Dinah in a bar as Amos talks to Kate, a bartender and long time friend. Jake calls Amos to tell him of the violent government reprisal at the protest; not having an implant, Jake was unaffected. The police are arresting many protestors, but other protestors have died in the assault and are having their bodies loaded onto trucks. Jake is surrounded, but goes undetected as the police rely solely on their tracking devices. Jake attempts to escape on his motorcycle, but is forced off a cliff by one of the police trucks. Astarte, possibly because of Dinah’s plea, rescues Jake in midair, gently lowering him to the ground as his motorcycle explodes on impact. Dinah and the others go searching for Jake and find him trapped, but otherwise uninjured, at the bottom of a cliff.

Back at the group’s hideout, Pig, with Tyrone’s guidance, discovers where the survivors have been taken. Tyrone also reveals miniature statues he has made that reveal much about each of the resistance fighters. Jake and Dinah both notice a statue of the two of them locked in a sexual union. On the heavenly plane, Moloch says he doesn’t understand what purpose Dinah serves. Astarte replies that Dinah is their power.

Amos, Pig, Kate, Greco, Jake, and Dinah go to where the prisoners are being held. Once they arrive, Amos tells Jake and Dinah to stay at the van. Amos and his group locate the prisoners and discover that they are undergoing some type of brainwashing technique. Back at the van, Jake and Dinah, no longer able to contain themselves, start to have sex, again through the apparent coercion of Astarte. The story ends with a large mechanical insect about to rip open the van.

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