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    TESS-One: Total Elimination of Super Soldiers was created by scientist Daniel Schumann and programmed to act as a failsafe in case the members of the Super Soldier project was abusing its powers.

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    First appearance of TESS-One
    First appearance of TESS-One

    TESS-One: Total Elimination of Super Soldiers was created by scientist Daniel Schumann and programmed to act as a failsafe in case the members of the Super Soldier project was abusing its powers. President Roosevelt had a secret meeting with the War Department's top scientists after the Super Soldier program started. Schumann argued the possibility of the government abusing its power after creating an army of super soldiers and proposed the TESS Robots as a contingency plan. FDR approved the project and Schumann started building his first TESS robot. Schumann's funds were cut short and his program was no longer necessary after Professor Erskine, the only man who knew how to create the super soldiers was killed. Schumann took the robot home and used his own money to completed it.

    A mutant named the Overrider who had technopathy abilities took control of TESS One and broke into Adametco- the nation's leading manufacturer of adamantium. He forced the workers there to provide TESS One with a coat of adamantium. Overrider with TESS One attacked America's Nucleur Command Center and was confronted by Captain America and Wolverine. Both heroes managed to sever the head of TESS One because the joints were not laced with adamantium. The TESS One robot was taken to a military facility in Colorado.


    TESS One was created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Zeck in 1986 and first appeared in Captain America Annual # 8.

    Story Arcs

    • Heavy Metal

    The Super Adaptoid created the team Heavy Metal after he adapted the appearance and abilities of the Fixer and Mentallo. The team consisted of TESS One, Kree Sentry 459, Machine Man and Awesome Android. The Adaptoid reactivated and took control of these robots to attack the Avengers. Eventually the Heavy Metal team would meet defeat at the hands of the Avengers.

    • Acts of Vengeance

     Cosmic Spider-Man vs Tess-One.
    Cosmic Spider-Man vs Tess-One.

    TESS One would resurface when Dr Doom and his henchmen retrieve the robot two thousand feet from the New Jersey Shore. Dr Doom repairs TESS One and added modifications to the robot's micro-processor as part of Project Power. It now has the ability to absorb any materials or energies it requires to fulfill its mission. Dr Doom sends TESS One on a mission to eliminate the cosmic powered Spider Man during the Acts of Vengeance. TESS One is destroyed by a powerful cosmic blast by Spider Man and is scattered through out the ocean floor. Dr Doom retrieves the skull-casing with a homing device knowing that the artifact absorbed a quantity of the energies Spider Man expended during the battle for his own personal needs.

    A fair time later TESS One was brought out of retirement by the Taskmaster to train AIM agents while he was a member of the High Council. Despite their attempts the agents were unsuccessful in taking down the robot until Taskmaster shut it down to prevent loss of life.

    Powers & Abilities

    TESS One is a robot with superhuman strength and durability. TESS One is coated with adamantium making it impervious to various firearms and most physical attacks. TESS One can fire concussive blasts from his hands and is capable of flight.


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