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    Born with a partial strand of the original Batman's DNA, Terry McGinnis was a reformed juvenile delinquent who stole the Batman suit to avenge the murder of his father. Under Wayne's guidance, Terry became The Tomorrow Knight of futuristic Neo-Gotham: Batman Beyond.

    Batman Beyond 101: Required for Beginners.

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    I am so not taking K4tz's idea here. (I am so taking K4tz's idea) Terry is a popular guy. I think a lot of fans like him but there seems to be a lot of misconceptions with the character. I see a lot of TERRY WINZ CUZ HE HAZ DA SUIT DAT GOEZ ZAPPITY ZAP ZAP!!! Yes, his suit goes zap and it is a powerful one, but Terry has lots of things he doesn't regularly use. In fact, Terry's most often employed abilities are his batarangs and jetboots coupled with his suit's enhanced stats. So let's break down the interior of the beyond suit.


    Pros- Terry is highly intelligent. He is a capable detective and has employed intelligence and mystery solving like capabilities such as finding Dana when she was kidnapped by the Rat Boy and figuring out how to defeat the Joker by using Joker's own admission against him. Terry realized (with a bit of help from Bruce) that Joker talks and that he likes to talk. He fought dirty and employed tactics that the original Batman was not known for. In the end of that fight however, he did win because he was so close to a joy buzzer otherwise he was going to be strangled. He also managed to defeat Stalker when his foot was trapped. He threw Stalker, turned invisible and then when Stalker got up to him he stabbed his spear in the device shocking Stalker and causing his cybernetic enhancements to go wacky.

    Cons- As smart as Terry is, his arrogance and reliance on Bruce has gotten the better on him in a few occasions. His relationship with Dana has caused him to jump the gun a few times. His feelings for Melanie (10 of the RFG) have distracted him and allowed her to take advantage of him in fights and his anger at Bruce has caused him to slip up and almost cost him his life like against Hush.


    Pros- Terry's strength has been multiplied by a factor of 10 which should put him just below either the 1 or 2 ton range of strength. This grants him great strength and has allowed him to toss steel girders around, move heavy machinery, punch Stan into a platform of at least 6-12 inches thick of stone and grapple with other strong characters like Chapel, who while on venom patches was able dent cars by simply slapping Terry into them. And Mad Stan, who was able to punch through large machines and even rip Terry through them without much effort.

    Cons- Terry does at times rely on the stats of his suit and doesn't always incorporate tech. He has punched people of normal durability without one shotting them so it doesn't seem to play to his morals that every hit will be like the one he delivered to Stan. It hasn't helped him one shot every joker, gain an edge over the Joker, King of the RFG, Curare or Hush Beyond and so on. Not saying that he hasn't cause he actually has one hit KO'd jokers before.


    Pros- Terry's speed has helped him face and defeat groups of less skilled and or stronger and more durable opponents as he usually does employ some type of acrobatics in his fighting style.

    Cons- Sometimes he relies on stats too much and doesn't always employ the best tech.


    Pros- Terry's biggest asset aside from his tech is his durability. This has saved Terry from being pounded into paste by much stronger characters. Looking back on Terry's strength section regarding Chapel and Stan, Terry can take quite some hits. Chapel dented cars by backhanding Terry into them and caved the roof on the car by hitting it and Stan was punching through large machines or metal like blocks with ease and throwing Terry through them. Terry took a sucker punch from a ticked off Big Barda to the face (not a full powered one, but she was still kind of irked at being called pigheaded.) Terry's best durability feat is getting stomped on by Micron (a size shifting character) who left a massive footprint in the street and Terry was making a smart mouthed comment to Bruce while he was under his foot.

    Cons- Terry's durability seems to get played up a lot and his other feats are tended to be ignored. He can and has been hurt and dazed by weaker characters. Spellbinder floored him with a punch and he didn't have any enhanced stats. Danton Black's daughter has hurt him, Hush beyond has made him bleed from the mouth with a kick and hurt him with regular hits and so have jokers that have hit him like the Dee Dee twins. Terry isn't immune to being knocked out even if he does have some high durability showings, he has plenty of ones that show the opposite.


    Pros- Terry is a walking plot device at this point. Look up his wiki for the items his suit carries, I regularly update his weaponry. Terry McGinnis

    Cons- He doesn't always use his tech in fights.


    Pros- Terry is a competent fighter. He is skilled enough to where he can take on plenty of fodder opponents by himself and he can stand up to some more decently skilled fighters due to skill and his suit's enhancements+tech like against the Royal Flush Gang.

    Cons- He is not THAT skilled though considering he was trained by THE BATMAN!!!! and should be placed quite a few notches below Jason based on his performances against Nightwing. Terry in the show and comics had trouble with the more skilled people of his rogue gallery (not that there was that many to begin with). Curare was trouble, the Joker was trouble, and before I get WELLZ DA JOKER KNEW EVERYTHING THE BATZMAN AND TIM DID, it is not true. Joker specifically said he knew all their tricks which Joker arguably does and coupled with Tim's mind, he know Batman's tricks and thoughts, but he did not say he knew all of Batman's skills or he he knew everything that Batman and Tim does. It could be said he knew Tim's skills which is why he did so well against Terry as far as fighting showings go, but he did not show a Batman level of combat. This is furthered expanded on in the comics where Danton Black's daughter, Catwoman Beyond, gave him trouble and a graying crazy clone of Nightwing (Hush Beyond) defeated Terry twice in the comics utilizing his skill in the first fight without a huge amount of effort, then he left Terry for dead in the second fight which lasted 2 pages. And even a few of the Joker's gave Terry trouble and the two that seem to come to mind are the Dee Dee twins. Due to natural agility and dance like moves have given Terry hell on a few occasions despite having no enhanced stats or any known formal training.

    Battle Forum Use

    Things to Remember

    -Camo drains his battery. As said by Terry in issue 7 of his series. So don't assume he will use it in every fight cause he doesn't and for majority of his fights hasn't.

    -He doesn't always use all of his tech. If he did, he would have plenty of things to beat most of his gallery easily, but he doesn't always use certain items so it is clearly within his personality to not always rely on his tech. He does like his stun belt and flight but it is very rare (some more often than others), if ever, he uses his camo, suit heating, sleeping gas, energy net batarangs and so on in battle. Even then, he doesn't always use his stun belt and prefers more of his physical aspects, flight and batarangs in fights.

    -Bruce on comm. Bruce should not be assumed to be on commlink in battle forums and should be stated only if he is. Terry is Terry. Terry is not a living symbiote comprised of himself and Bruce. Terry can handle himself just fine in a fight. Because people just assume he is and then we get feats of Terry fighting pretty well against the JLA Beyond by himself, which is partly true but people forget to mention it was Bruce ordering commands in his ear on what to do next.

    So there you have it. GS' breakdown and guide to Batman Beyond. I plan on doing a respect thread for him in the following weeks so look forward to it if I get the chance.

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    I actually really needed this. I had no idea the extent of his capabilities. 
    Thanks man!

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    So it sounds like he relies on his suits strength and durability to tank and dish out damage over skill and strategy the vast majority of the time?

    Sounds a lot more like a Superman than a Batman.

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