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    Al Simmons best friend when he was alive.

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    Terry is the father of Cyan. He is also named after an employee and friend of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. He was the former best friend of the late Al Simmons. After Al died, Terry married Al's wife, Wanda, and together they had a child named Cyan. He works for Jason Wynn at the CIA headquarters as a disc jockey. Later in the comic, Terry discovers he has cancer after a car crash that occured because Terry blacked out. Spawn cured Terry of his cancer for Wanda, but ended up dying again because of it.

    Other media

    Todd McFarlane's Spawn

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    Terry Fitzgerald appeared in the HBO miniseries, he is voiced by Victor Love in the season 1 and 2 and by Michael Beach in the season 3. He is the loving husband of Wanda Blake and former best friend of Al Simmons, Terry Fitzgerald was in a job which he and his wife described as being a “desk jockey.”

    This job eventually turned sour when he stumbled upon some code discrepancies in weapons shipments that his boss, Jason Wynn, had sent. Eventually tracing the shipment back to being in Wynn’s custody, Terry Fitzgerald was nearly killed by hitmen sent by Wynn for getting too close to the truth. Nearly all the hitmen were killed by Spawn, in an attempt for Spawn to get more information from Terry.

    The information that Spawn gathered were past memories. Seeing his former best friend with his wife made his blood boil, but through Terry’s memories, Spawn was able to see the truth. Promising to take care of Wanda for him at Al’s grave, Terry kept his word. Though he didn’t mean to fall in love with Wanda, it was a natural progression, one Spawn eventually forgave as he fully believed that he’d be back to reclaim Wanda one day.

    When Terry’s family was still in danger from his dealings at Wynn’s company, Terry decided to take matters into his own hands. Finding out Wynn’s new location after he went underground, Terry made an attempt at Wynn’s life but was prevented by his body guards. Terry was locked up and forced to smoke in a dope hole. While the plan was to get Terry addicted, Wanda and Spawn showed up and were able to get Terry out alive, along with Major Forsberg.

    Spawn The Movie

    In the movie, Terry Fitzgerald is played by D. B. Sweeney.


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