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Centuries ago on Earth-88194 (Also known as Shadowline) the man who was to become Terror Inc. was a brave knight during the middle-ages. He had a wife he loved and was respected by his people, but also feared. However, during one of his crusades, Terror Inc. killed a gruesome demon. By slaying this demon, he was cursed. He soon found out his flesh began to rot, and his wife and loved ones became terrified of him. He left his family to wonder the earth. It was at this time that he found out that he could assimilate body-parts into to his own body if the need arose. He would therefore tear off body-parts of enemies or deceased persons.


Terror, Inc was created by D. G. Chichester, Margaret Clark, and Klaus Janson and first appeared in St. George issue 2 (1988) from Marvel's EPIC line.

Major Story Arcs

To the Marvel Universe

Terror Inc, (Earth-88194)
Terror Inc, (Earth-88194)

Terror wandered his earth for many years. His body began to decay even worse and three spikes began to grew on each cheek. He also got the hang on his new powers, the ability to merge the limbs of others with his own body. He began to call himself Shreck now. Much later Terror Inc. somehow crossed over to Earth-616 and began to call himself Terror, and started a detective agency.

With Wolverine and other Heroes

One of Terror Inc.'s assignments let him come into contact with the X-Man Wolverine. Although the two fought at first, the eventually managed to solve the case together, after whichTerror once again left to go on his own business. Although Terror kept to himself mostly, he could not help come into contact with a variety of superheroes, such as Daredevil, Punisher, Silver Sable and Luke Cage. He has however not been heard from in some time now.

With the Mercs for Money

As part of the Mercs for Money
As part of the Mercs for Money

More recently, Terror was enlisted to become part of a group of mercenaries formed and lead by the Merc with a mouth known as Deadpool. As such, he has soon become close allies with Deadpool and other teammembers such as Stingray, Solo, Slapstick and Foolkiller.

Powers and Abilities

Matter Absorption

Terror Inc. has the ability to replace body parts with parts or organs taken from others, a process which he must continuously do since he is constantly decaying. Any body part he assimilates will immediately start to decay. He also gains memories and eventual skills or super-powers from any bodypart he assimilates. It is not necessary that the body parts he assimilates be human, he could add wings or a tail to his body if he wanted. Terror has even replaced his head with another persons to gain their knowledge and memories. The spikes on his cheeks are part of the curse of the demon he slayed. If removed they will grow back. The current (MAX) version of Terror doesn't have these spikes.


Since his body is dead he does not require to eat, sleep or breathe and doesn't feel pain. He can continue to function even if he is reduced to a skeletal state, or to just his head. He can even survive without a body at all. In his MAX series he was dismembered and dunked in acid but survived as a black ooze that was able to inhabit other bodies.


Additionally, since being alive several centuries Terror has acquired all sorts of skills and is an excellent marksman and detective, and proficient with most conventional weapons.

Other Versions


On Earth-6215 Terror Inc. is a member of the League of Losers.

Marvel MAX

Terror Inc, (Marvel Max)
Terror Inc, (Marvel Max)

The story begins in the year 455 B.C, showing the finest warriors sacking Rome. Raping, burning, pillaging, doing however they pleased for two "glorious weeks". But eventually, these weeks had to end, seeing as how the king had been talked into signing a peace treaty by the pope, so the warriors packed there belongings and traveled home. But in the end, the peace treaty seemed to be little more than a trick, the Romans wanted revenge and they were willing to turn to witchcraft to get that revenge....or perhaps the Pope called in a favor. Regardless of how, the warriors village was attacked by a Mare. The first night it was freed, half of the village was slaughtered, the second night...a man loses his wife and sheep...The next day, the same man who lost his wife and his sheep leads whatever left on the village into battle, but in the end, Terror's the one who puts the final nail in the mare's coffin.

He was a hero....women loved him, men envyed him but there was a price.....

After about a week people noticed his smell, he was decaying, like a dead body. He was falling apart piece by piece everyday before his own eyes. Not but a month later, the village ran him out. For days he wandered the lands, feasting on woodland creatures just to stay alive, eventually, his limbs started to slowly fall off. The Curse kept him alive but with this curse he knew it wasn't going to be long before he was just a pile of rot.

"The only way to go on was to acquire new parts. Wherever and whenever I could find them. My Body excreted some sort of fluid which practically melted the limbs right on. My body literally had a taste for new parts. I needed them like a junkie."

With each new part, The warrior would absorb a piece of the previous owners essence which is why he hated using Animal Parts. During this time, the villagers took to calling him "Shreck" which meant "Fright".

After years of living life like this, Shreck met a man named Draghignazzo, the most powerful Shadow Knight the world had ever seen. Shreck became his loyal squire and for countless years to come, Draghignazzo and Shreck pillaged and burned anything that got in there way, but on one fateful day, an army ganged up on them and Draghignazzo fell. Shreck buried his body at his request under three mystic seals, where he could begin a long healing process. The only other person who could understand his pain was Talita, Draghignazzo's wife. And so Terror (as he is now called) and Talita gathered her husbands soldiers and took nigh unholy revenge on those who opposed them. For ten years, they swam in blood and for ten more, Everyone had peace. There was no war, the crops were fruitful, the people sang songs and eventually....Terror and Talita fell madly in love but it ended soon enough. Everyone wasn't happy......the rich land owners, they were mad so twenty five thousand of the worst cutthroats, thieves, mercenaries, and born killers gathered into one spot.

During this battle, Talita knew they had already lost so in the heat of battle she plead to him to cleave her parts. Burying her, he put the mystic seals from her husbands grave into hers and placed her to sleep. Using her leg and arm as parts, it wasn't long before her leg began to tear, No way would he lose the arm. Searching out for a witch in the lowlands of where he lived, the witch's husband (a blacksmith) constructed an encasing for him and the Witch did her magic and Terror felt.... whole once more.

Other Media


Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • A Terror figure was included as part of a Marvel Legends fan poll, but was not chosen and thus never entered proper production.
  • Terror was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
  • Terror was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
  • Terror was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line as part of the Deadpool's Rainbow Squad box set.
  • Terror was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as a Marvel Unlimited exclusive. The figure was a repaint of a prior Deadpool toy, with the idea being that it was Terror in his Mercs for Money uniform.

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