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Okay here is the deal.  This is the second issue of Terror Inc.  The story was not bad but once and a while I got thrown off because of the art work.  Like in one of comicvine's discussions some months ago, art sometimes does matter.  If the art is not that good then it is hard to get into the story.  When it comes to this issue I feel bad because the story is good.  Terror's personality is quite different from most of the supernatural comic characters I read about.  so he is a interesting character and I like how is Hellfire guy in coming in.  Yeah he has an old school origin going on but its okay.  here is even a cool part in this story with a paranormal operation going on.  Now if this scene was used with really good art, I think Terror would have a bigger fan base.  Sad.  I love Terror Inc and I love the stories.  I just wish the art wasn't to crayola-like.  So I give it 2 and a half just cause I thought the script was cool.

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