Terror Inc. #2

    Terror Inc. » Terror Inc. #2 - Deal With the Devil released by Marvel on August 1, 1992.

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    Recently, a snake demon that was worshiped by a group of monks and one of there own has had their arm removed.  We then see Terror carring the jaws of the snake, and the arm of the monk which he places on himself for strength.  He leaves the snow covered land in search of Roger Barbatos who is a business man and dealer.
    Meanwhile in San Francisco, celebrity occultist MIkal Drakonmegas is going threw problems do to his recent celebrity status going down as well as is relationship with his wife who leaves him that night.  That night Mikal has a nightmare of blood stained daggers, a monsterous face, a woman named Victoria Winggate, a young Satana forced to kill a cat, and a dead pregnant women.  All of a sudden Terror with the snake jaw as him mouth grabs Mikal's hand and is about to bit it.  Mikal gets up from his nightmare.  Buy there are to puncture wounds on his wrist.

    The next day Mikal gets ready for a live show at Alcatraz  Prison.  Terror watches from a tower.  Mikal performs a bare-hand surgury on his agent.  It is seen as a joke. All of a sudden Mikal's hand glows and reaches into the agent's body pulling out tones of blood.  The agent starts freaking out.  It is not an act.  The guards then try to arrest Mikal but he is saved by Terror who swings to the ground attacking the guards.  He takes Mikal and they escape threw a fence.  The guards try to follow but Terror uses a device and makes the fence electric shocking the guards.  They then escape alcatraz in a boat.

    All of a sudden Mikal starts felling pain in his body.  Terror really doesn't react to his pain.  All of a sudden Mikal turns into a demon called Hellfire and is about to confront Terror.  Now Terror believes matters have shifted out of his favor.



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    Okay here is the deal.  This is the second issue of Terror Inc.  The story was not bad but once and a while I got thrown off because of the art work.  Like in one of comicvine's discussions some months ago, art sometimes does matter.  If the art is not that good then it is hard to get into the story.  When it comes to this issue I feel bad because the story is good.  Terror's personality is quite different from most of the supernatural comic characters I read about.  so he is a interesting chara...

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