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When the Scarlet Witch modifed the reality in the event know as House of M, Victor Von Doom was gifted with his biggest desires: his mother was alive, he was a powerful king in Latveria, he had the love of his life, (Valeria), his own son, (Kristoff) and the death of his enemy Reed Richards and Fantastic Four. He also kept a even more deformed Benjamin Grimm as a pet,calling him the It.

In this reality, inspired by the rest of Richards, Doom give himself powers similar to the ones of Mr Fantastic. He also give his family analog superpowers of the Fantastic Four, becoming the Fearsome Four: along with Grimm as the It, Valeria as the Invincible Woman and Kristoff as the Inhuman Torch.

However his happiness was not complete. Depiste his status, Doom was an ally to the rising powers of the mutants lead by Magneto. Tired of being considered an underling to the mutants, Doom tried to defeat Magneto, but the treason of Grimm, the deaths of his wife and son and the humilliation and betrayal of his mother left Doom with little fighting spirit to try again to rise against the House of M.

After the attack of the awakening heroes, this team and his reality were erased.

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