Terrible Trio

    Team » Terrible Trio appears in 2 issues.

    A mercenary group consisting of fire-haired Karla (leader), Fisherman and the Invisible Un-Thing. They were enemies of Aquaman, Aqualad and Mera.

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    The Terrible Trio was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

    Major Story Arcs


    The Terrible Trio launched a satellite that churned up the ocean water and created holes from the surface right down to the seabed. Aquaman finds out and, along with Aqualad and Mera, stops and disables the satellite. The Terrible Trio witness Aquaman's "triumph" and take action. Fisherman focuses on retrieving the satellite while Karla distracts Aquaman and Aqualad and Un-Thing takes care of Mera and Aquababy, taking them hostage in the Trio's underwater saucer.

    Aquaman tries to attack the saucer but is stopped by Un-Thing who has the obvious advantage of being Invisible underwater and uses this advantage to beat Aquaman. The Trio then leaves with their hostages and the satellite. They reactivate the satellite but are caught up to once more by Aquaman and Aqualad. This time Aquaman summons some octopi and asks them to ink the water so he can see Un-Thing. The Fisherman catches Aqualad in his line while Aquaman and Un-Thing end up in the hole in the ocean, no longer underwater, Un-Thing becomes visible and Aquaman takes him down with ease. Aqualad uses the Fisherman's line against him, swimming round and round his foe until the Fisherman was entangled in his own line. Karla attacks only to be stopped by Mera who has gotten free.

    The Trio's masters decide to show themselves as the Trio have failed. Known only as "Them", they are aliens that want to live on Earth but need all the water gone to do so. Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad and Aquababy escape "Them" along with the Terrible Trio in their underwater saucer. When the aliens pursue, Karla directs the satellite towards the aliens' saucer and the collision destroys both. Aquaman then hands the Trio over to the authorities, suggesting some leniency for Karla.


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