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    The Terrible Trio are three brilliant criminal inventors who are known as the Fox, the Shark and the Vulture. They use their scientific gadgets to commit extraordinary crimes.

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    Each member of the Terrible Trio concentrates his inventions for a particular battleground. The Fox specializes in inventions for committing crimes on land, the Shark devotes himself to committing crimes at sea or underwater and the Vulture concentrates on advanced aircraft for committing crimes in the sky. The Trio do not wear costumes except for head masks resembling the animals for which they are named.

    The Terrible Trio are based in Gotham City and have often been faced by Batman and Robin ( Dick Grayson). They first came to Batman's attention when they successfully robbed a cruise ship (sea crime) and a Gotham City Bank (land crime). The Vulture then robbed a plane while it was in mid-air. Batman and Robin then clashed with the Trio, who escaped, but without the loot from the Vulture's robbery. The Trio had committed a crime on sea, land and air, and Batman deduced that they would continue in that sequence. He and Robin hid aboard the SS Cairo, which was transporting valuable Egyptian artifacts. As Batman had hoped, the Trio looted the ship and brought the Mummy cases (in which the dynamic duo were hiding) to their hideout. Batman and Robin caught the Trio by surprise and apprehended the three villains.

    The Terrible Trio then escaped from prison and turned to smuggling. They smuggled diamonds using homing pigeons (air crime) and plates for counterfeit money using dolphins (a sea crime). Believing the Trio would next transport fugitives from the law out of Gotham City as their land based smuggling operation, Batman contacted the Trio in the guise of an escaped convict. Once at the Trio's lair, Batman summoned Robin and they fought the inventors, but this time it was the Trio who captured the crime fighters. Batwoman helped the Caped Crusaders escape the death traps that the Trio had left them in and they once again pursued and captured the villains.

    Among the unusual vehicles the Trio used were the Fox's "burrow machine" which can drill through the earth or steel walls; the Shark's "eel machine" which can travel underwater, his "pilot fish machine" which can drill holes in the sides of ships, and the Vulture's "missile machine" for high speed air travel. The Trio also used robots in the forms of flying stingrays and vultures.

    In Other Media


    Batman: The Animated Series

    The Terrible Trio had their own episode in which they were rich but bored. Each of them were blessed with family fortunes:

    Warren "Fox" Lawford - Oil.

    Armand "Vulture" Lydecker - Father owns Aerodynamics firm.

    Gunther "Shark" Hardwick - Father was a shipping magnate.

    Refugees from Mardi Gras
    Refugees from Mardi Gras

    Their masked criminal identities represent Land, Air and Water respectively.

    Although striking Gotham City hard at the beginning, they were caught and apprehended by the city's dark knight.

    The Batman

    The Terrible Trio appear in the fifth season of The Batman. The Terrible Trio are university students and social outcasts named David, Justin, and Amber. Instead of costumes, they mutated by using formulas stolen from Dr. Kirk Langstrom's computer. David—the brains and de facto leader of their group—remade the forumla and put it into dissolving patches. After applying one each, David became a therianthropic Fox, Justin became a therianthropic Shark (resembling a hammerhead shark), and Amber became a therianthropic Vulture.

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    Throughout the episode, their schemes were mostly for amusement and vindication, rather than financial gain. One recurring theme was turning others into therianthropes against their will. Since Batgirl went to the same college, she assisted Batman in capturing them. After receiving a DNA sample from a feather belonging to Vulture, Langstrom also provided an antidote to the mutations. After some difficulty, Batman and Batgirl administered the antidote to Justin and Amber, respectively. David, however, was accidentally covered in a mutagenic fluid meant for several other students when Batman destroyed the mutagen detonator. This turned him into a horned Griffin-like creature. After being electrocuted by the stadium sign and presumably cured, David was sent to prison with Justin while Amber was presumably sent to a women's prison.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Trio attacks
    Trio attacks

    They appear in eleventh episode of the first season. This version of Terrible Trio showed as three millionaires seeking thrills and learning martial arts at Wong Fei´s Academy in China. Their classmates was

    Bruce Wayne and Bronze Tiger. Their leader Fox, is shown as a greedy and unscrupulous martial artist. Each one on the academy chose a representative animal´s mask. Years after their training, the Terrible trio along with the Shadow Clan attack Wudang temple in order to get the Wundang Totem, after several attempts Fox kills his master (the only defense of the temple) with a poisoned dart.


    The trio are attacked by Batman and Bronze Tiger, that were called by Wong Fei in his ultimate breath. During the first encounter the trio manage to get the Totem, transforming in the animals that they represented. Fox defeated Bronze Tiger but he let him alive so Bronze Tiger could see how he failed. Later they summon an army of the Shadow Clan so they can invade Hong Kong. During a second encounter Batman and Bronze Tiger reach the totem too, transforming in a Bat and a Tiger creatures respectively. During battle Batman beat Vulture and Tiger defeat Fox and Shark.

    In their human forms each one has different weapons. Vulture has a double sword and metal claw in one wrist, Shark has a massive Hammer and its shown how Fox uses blowpipe and a wooden stick.


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