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The begins in a prison where we are introduced to the Marcus Wright, when a dying cancer patient, who is working with Skynet approaches him. the Skynet employee offers Marcus, who is on death row, a chance to live forever. We skip ahead years later to John Conner commandning his troops, as they assault a Terminator base, where they discover the Terminators are holding human beings captive. All the while Marcus wakes to find himself in a strange and unfamilar future. eventually Marcus stumbles upon, Kyle Reese, a young Kyle Reese. Conner believing Reese is the key to winning the war, believes he must be found. During the course of the film, Kyle Reese is captured, We learn that Marcus is Terminator, and we find out that the Machines are using the Human's DNA, to create a new breed of Terminator, one that looks human and wears living tissue of the metal endo skeleton. Eventually the film climaxes with a series of events that help to tie in the first James Cameron epic.



none of this movie.


none of this movie.

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Not Your Typical Terminator Movie. 0

Okay first of all I'll be right up front and say, I LIKED Terminator SalvationI hated Terminator 3, mainly because it's the same thing as Terminator 2 only with a sexy female terminator. When Terminator 3 came out and I saw it, I said to myself "Why didn't they just skip the sequel and do a prequel set during the war", well then they announced Terminator Salvation and I had to say "Finally a movie that doesn't use the same old stuff we've seen before in Terminator 1 and Terminator 2", lets face ...

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Terminator Salvation 0

I had my wall up on this one. After the diaster called Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machine aka Terminator 3: Suckfest, I really didnt want anyone else to touch this franchise.  The original is a work of art, but the sequel which spawned a buffed up Sarah Conner is and will forever be my favorite. Watching her step up to plate to help protect John, with all of her guns of course, gave me chills.  Even after finding out about Bale's casting I was still not ready to wake up from the nightmare called ...

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Salvation of the Series? 0

The Terminator movies follow a basic formula – robot from the future is sent back to the past (our present) to murder a human to ensure robots will be victorious in the coming robot vs. human war.     This premise was fresh and exciting with the original film, The Terminator. It was as good or even better when it was done with a twist as the big budget sequel, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. But it became completely a retread by the third film, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.   Fo...

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