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Like several other top scoring engineering students at M.I.T., Teresa 'Terry' Roberts managed to find herself drawn into this weird collection of people, the notorious group of high tech campus pranksters and technophiles known as the Troubleshooters. She and these techno-goons went out of their way to play odd pranks on their fellow students, making good grades all the while.

As a Troubleshooter then, Terry ended up joining the group's beloved instructor, Jenny Swensen, on a special mission one fateful night. Her father, Doctor Karl Swensen, died recently, and Jenny believed that his employer was behind the deed. Needing proof, she decided to break into his former company, Krotze International, and the Troubleshooters went along to help.

For kicks, you see. And, they felt that they had to help their beloved Jenny, their favorite teacher.

At any rate, the students discovered Doctor Swensen's Mark 2 M.A.X. suit on the premises, along with the suit's mobile laboratory. Deciding that her father was trying to hide all this from his evil employer, Fritz Krotze, Jenny booked with all the goods, taking the Troubleshooters with her, and the engineering students started breaking down the M.A.X. technology.

Over time, Terry decided that she was in love with another Troubleshooter, Eduardo Giotti, but the fool had eyes for only one woman: Jenny Swensen. Though Terry was amicable at first, helping Jenny's missions against Krotze with her new M.A.X. partial exoskeleton, Think-Tank, Terry slowly grew more and more jealous of her totally unaware rival.

This totally colored her future behavior towards her teacher, though it didn't matter much, as Jenny would soon drop out of their lives (when the Troubleshooters needed her most). You see, the Troubleshooters interrupted the planned assassination of the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, while she was visiting Boston during the Christmas holiday.

The thug who attempted to perpetrate the crime, the assassin known as Steel Hawk, found out who the Troubleshooters were, and decided to eliminate them. He killed Andy and maimed poor Timothy Ferris, but Terry and Giotti managed to ward him off. After that, the two remaining Troubleshooters (with tech) tracked him down and put the beat down on him.


In fact, Giotti savaged poor Steel Hawk so bad, he was permanently brain damaged, and most of his bones were broken, some in multiple places. With that madman out of the picture, Terry and Giotti managed to finally get together, and pretty much forgot about poor Jenny Swensen, who'd apparently abandoned them to their fate. In the end, then, Terry got what she wanted...


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