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    Character » Teresa Parker appears in 42 issues.

    Teresa Parker is Peter Parker's long lost sister. She was on the run from the Kingpin when she revealed her connection to Peter Parker. She has recently returned to New York City.

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    Teresa Parker is a woman who was introduced as Peter Parker's long lost sister. She was born to Richard and Mary Parker and raised seperately from Peter.


    Teresa Parker was created by Mark Waid, James Robinson and Gabriele Dell'Otto and first appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business - Original Graphic Novel (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Family Business

    During her work as an investigator, Teresa stumbeled onto a plot of organized crime in Europe, involving both the Kingpin and Peter Parker. It was at this time that Teresa suposedly found out about her parents and her long lost brother, Peter. When she finally contacted Peter Parker, she was already on the run from the criminal organization that tried to stop her. After she contacted Peter, the organziation also started gunning for him. She revealed that she was Peter's long lost sister. At first, Peter did not believe this to be true, having been deceived more then once if it came to family. This did however nto stop him from helping Teresa investage further. Eventually, their investigation managed them to track the Kingpin down in Europe. During their investigation, they also ran into a doctor that took DNA samples from them in order to find out if Teresa was telling the truth. The doctor told both parties that this was not the case. After Teresa and Peter (as Spider-Man) managed to defeat Kingpin, Teresa bit farewell to Peter and the two parted ways. However, some days after the dust setteled, the doctor reviewed his DNA sampels, and started to smile. Not knowing what to make of 'something' and wondering what it could mean for the fututre. Could it be a hint that the connection between Teresa and Peter was truly in blood?

    Return to the life of Peter Parker

    After many months of absence, Teresa made an unexpected return to the life of Peter Parker. Why she is here remains to be seen.


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