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Victor was a former C.I.A. covert operative once partnered with Capt. Lonnie Mcguire (Lastic) in unit 6. The two never got along, and on a secret mission in Singapore, Mcguire murdered many women and children until he was apprehended by Victor. Victor was sent on a mission to uncover the schemes of Rhazes Darkk's plans for world domination, until he was captured by Darkk and spared his life because he fit the criteria needed to become Darkk's tenth supermonster.

Each monster was spread across the globe, each with a specific purpose to achieve Darkk's ultimate goal. But Victor was unwilling to obey and became Rhazes Darkk's greatest threat. Victor is psychically linked to Esperanza. Victor, Esperanza and Zorina go on a search to find the identity of an entity named Blackspell, one of Rhazes Darkk's supermonsters and personal bodyguard.

After investigating the Chicago condo of Dr. Jaena Fine (Zorina's mom) they come across a telecommunications device linked to a Director Jaffe. They are then attacked by a new monster named Lastic. Lastic knocks Victor 15 stories down resulting in rapid blood loss, causing Victor to turn into his monstrous other. After a quick confrontation, Lastic deems the Tenth a disappointing challenge and offers him a free shot. Victor pulls up a water pipe, but begins to transfigure back to his human form. Lastic brags that Darkk made it so that he could twist the abiities of others to his advantage. Lastic is impaled by cables and pipes at the hands of Esperanza and her powers. They leave Lastic screaming to be killed off.

In an Illinois cemetery they meet the supermonster Gulliver. Gulliver teleports them into Blackspell only to find that they have been seperated. Victor is confronted by Rhazes Darkk and three of his female companions, leading to a fight. Victor finds and blasts Blackspell, saving Esperanza and her kitty. He then requests a small drop of Espy's blood to subside his fury. Gulliver then teleports the three to Japan where they come face to face with Gozza.

Powers & Abilities

Blood seems to be a major focus of his metamorphosis. Losing it can result in his transformation and not having enough can alter the control of his savagery. The Tenth has an insatiable bloodlust and only Esperanza's blood can give the Tenth a sense of peace. Anger and fatal injury seem to be key triggers to his tranformation, similar to the Hulk. The Tenth has a telepathic link to the telekinetic Esperanza.


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