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    Tentacruel is the Evolved form of Tentacool, when it reaches Level 30.

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    Tentacruel is a Water/Poison type Pokemon and comes in at Number 73 on the Kanto Pokedex. It is the evolved form of Tentacool, when it reaches lv. 30. Tentacruel can be distinguished by the huge bard on it's face and it's very long tentacles. This Pokemon usually travels in a pack, so it's often refered to as "the Gangster of the Sea"

    In the anime

    Tentacruel, appeared in Episode 19, however it was banned because a character named Nastina used a gun. Later the epidsode was Edited and it was titled. "Tentacool and Tentacruel" It also appeared in Pokmone the first movie.

    Game appearances

    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Yellow
    4. Gold
    5. Silver
    6. crystal
    7. emerald
    8. Ruby
    9. Sapphrire
    10. Fire Red
    11. Leaf Green
    12. Pearl
    13. diamond
    14. Platinum.


    Attack: 80


    Defense 65

    special Attack: 80

    special defense 120

    speed: 100


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