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Tempus Fuginaut was created by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, and Justin Jordan in 2018, first appearing in Sideways #1 (2018) as Sideways first official villain.

Character Biography

Tempus Fuginaut is similar to a Monitor, where-as he must preserve the boundaries between dimensions, ensuring that dimensional fractures remain nonexistent under his watch and care. When Sideways began using his powers to become a live streamer, Tempus sensed the disturbances that Derek was causing. Originally, Tempus planned to kill Derek but later chose to train the hero in using his powers.

In Tales Of The Dark Multiverse, Tempus reveals that he has a new mission; searching through the Dark Multiverse with the hope of finding beings that are worthy of helping him in the upcoming "crisis."

Powers and Abilities

As an eternal deity, sworn to watch over the boundaries between dimensions, Tempus Fuginaut was granted powers to ensure he would be able to do his job correctly. He has proven to be efficient even if he lacks his right arm.

Dimensional Traveling

Similar to Sideways, Tempus Fuginaut can travel instantaneously through dimensions. However, unlike Sideways, Tempus seems to be able to do so with just his mind, without having to create rifts in space.

Mending Space-Time

In addition to dimensional traveling, Tempus's main ability to that to mend and heal the tears in space and time, and prevent them from happening again.


Fuginaut's Scepter:

As part of his watcher duties, Tempus Fuginaut carries around a scepter that has the ability to render dimensional rifting inert. This can cause problems for people like Sideways, who's powers being to malfunction when too close to it.


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