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    A mutant with mind-controlling pheromones that was turned into a Brood by Harry Palmer, a human turned Brood, and would come into conflict with the X-Men.

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    Temptress was a mutant that was infected by the Brood when they attempted to invade Earth. A paramedic named Harry Palmer was implanted with a Queen egg and started infecting mutants to create a Brood force with abilities to rival the X-Men. Numerous mutants were infected including Temptress, Brickbat, Tension, Blindside, Dive-Bomber, Lockup, Spitball and Whiphand.

    Temptress attempted to take control of Storm by flooding her system with her pheromones but Storm manifested a powerful gust of wind to sweep herself away. Temptress is then knocked out when her tentacle touches the bare skin of Rogue during a fight and passes out. Rogue however absorbs the powers and personality of Temptress and takes control of Psylocke and fights Wolverine with her.

    Rogue, still under the control of the pheromones, takes flight with Temptress and Wolverine in each arm and heads towards a concert area to meet the rest of her Brood teammates. Wolverine recovers in mid-flight and kills Temptress with his claws.

    The rest of her infected teammates were slain by the X-Men after they resolved that the Brood's human hosts were beyond saving.


    Temptress was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1988 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #232.

    Powers & Abilities

    Temptress is a mutant that has the ability to take mental control of an individual when she overloads their system with her pheromones. Having been infected by the Brood, Temptress could transform her arms into tentacles and had fangs, claws, and enhanced strength.


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