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Very little is known about the Tempter. He is a minor demon who was sent to Earth at some point to tempt humanity into sinning.


The Tempter was created by Mike Friedrich and Dick Dillin. He made his first appearance in World's Finest Comics #209.

Major Story Arcs

Meet the Tempter-- and Die!

The Tempter worms his way into the minds of several heroes, using his powers to persuade them to grow more brutal, jealous, and conniving. He manipulates Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Kro-Al, Lois Lane, and Superman in an effort to destroy Superman. He manages to create a web of manipulation that nearly convinces Superman to destroy Midway City. He is defeated when his temptations run too counter to the natures of his victims; Hawkgirl and Hawkman shake off his manipulations, followed soon after by Lois and Superman.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Living in increasingly reduced circumstances due to the availability and ubiquity of temptations in the modern world, the Tempter is encountered by Zatanna and Misty Kilgore, having just talked a group of dieters into eating themselves to death. He is easily exorcised by Misty, and becomes one of the beings riding on the bus of the dead. On the bus he tries to tempt the newly-dead Vincenzo Baldi, but is prevented by Ali-Ka-Zoom.

Powers and Abilities

The Tempter is a minor demon, able to uncover and manipulate the emotions of others. Acting as a sort of anti-conscience, he can whisper suggestions to people which they do not consciously register as outside influence, and which they will then conform to. He is able to make himself invisible while carrying out his manipulations. He may be able to teleport himself, or else to appear in multiple minds at once. As a demon, he has an extended lifespan


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