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    The British meta-human was the leader of the third incarnation of the Conglomerate for a short time.

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    Templar first appeared in Justice League Quarterly # 12 (Summer 1993) as part of the new Conglomerate. He was created by Mark Waid.


    Colin Brandywine left the British army when he discovered he was manifesting meta-human powers. Now able to tap into his minds raw power he learned he had telekinetic abilities, developing the ability to move objects with his thoughts. Calling himself Templar, after the medieval Knights Templar he fashioned himself a costume as well as a super identity.

    Soon the well connected agent and ex-wife of Maxwell Lord, Claire Montgomery found a way to connect with Templar. Hired away from the British army to lead the third group of heroes put together by Claire in another attempt to salvage her original to operate her very own "corporate sponsored" super-team. Templar worked with this short-lived group and he served as the leader of this newly reorganized American super-hero group, the Conglomerate.

    His first mission with the team was against a terrorist organization called the Blood Jihad who had taken hostages at LaGuardia Airport. Though the mission was a success, Brandywine became disheartened when rumors arose that the entire affair was staged in order to make the Conglomerate look good in front of the media.which he used to fight injustice.

    His activities since the dissolution of this group are unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    He is a telekinetic able to use his telekinesis, among other ways, to increase his strength and generate a protective force around his body.


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