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Payens was the son of the original Templar. When his dad died during a mission with the original Sentinels, Payens felt it was up to him to continue the legacy. He became the second Templar and reformed the Sentinels along with other children of the originals. All was going well until his brother James, Switchfast, died. This event caused the team to dissolve and Payens continued fighting crime solo with the help of Cyprus.

Payens fought solo until Electron, a teammate, confronted him about reforming the team, but Payens wasn’t convinced until Harlette, another teammate, was attacked by mysterious demons. The team got together again, but the reunion was cut short when the headquarters was blown up and the team got whisked away to a hell dimension run by Gospel’s father. The team got split up as a last resort and Payens was with Firebomb during an attack of demons. During the battle Payens felt like he was loosing control of the soulblade and used it to return to the rest of the team. He managed to show up just in time to help Gospel end Damien’s evil. At the cost of her life, Payens used his soulblade on both her and Damien and the team was sent home with the last of her strength.

Now back home, Payens was without a home since he had been living at the HQ that had been destroyed. Serpenta offered him a place to stay and Payens gave in to a moment of weakness and told her about his insecurities as far as leading the team with two deaths already on his shoulder. He also feels like now he’s being challenged by Harlette for leadership. The team regroups once again and Payens tells them that, although the base was destroyed, he believes Cyprus is still out there and he can use it to find Gospel; however, he tells the team they need to go back to the base, which is now under government control.

When they arrive at the location they got in a fight with a new government sanctioned superteam, Squadron 7, led by James’ wife, Agent Huggins. The team seemed to have the edge until Splash showed up and rescued the Sentinels from the ambush. They subdued Squadron 7, but once again they were taken away; this time by aliens.

All the males of Sentinels were sent to prisons with power inhibitors on. Payens felt like it was his responsibility to get them out, even at the cost of his life. Another alien in an adjacent prison started to explain who the abductors were and how he believes the Sentinels could be the end of their tyranny. He sacrifices himself to let the Sentinels go and they head out. The guys head through hallways fighting aliens and dashing to save the girls, but when they arrive they are astonished to see slaughtered guards with Harlette in the middle.

The team comforts Harlette and regroup, and when Crusher asks Firebomb about her baby the whole team is shocked, but especially Templar because it is in fact his. Crusher is enraged and attacks Templar only to be held back by the rest of the team. They manage to get their power inhibitors off and find Splash who had been wandering around on the planet surface. With her help the team manages to steal a ship and get home.



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