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The Hulk finds himself unknowingly on Monster Island, where after walking for mile under water he finds himself forced to change back into Puny Banner. Banner is then rescued by Gwen and Ripley, two other people stranded on the island, the pair fend off a two head creature. Then Banner, Gwen and Rip are are confronted by the Gray Hulk.

The Gray Hulk recognizes Banner, and Banner is confused how the Hulk is loose. The three castaways make a run for it but when they come across a chasm, Banner transforms into the Hulk and helps Gwen and Rip escape and Banner-Hulk fights Gray Hulk. Banner-Hulk breaks Gray Hulks neck, and this is when he notices Gray Hulk turn into some sort of machine.

Banner-Hulk starts in investigate but he is attacked by Fin Fang Foom. Meanwhile Gwen and Rip are found by General Thunderbolt Ross. He explains they have washed up on a military base during an experiment and takes them to see, Dr. S. Yarish, but before the three can get safely inside the base, Ross is attacked by a three headed dog and drug away. Gwen chases after while Rip is taken inside by Dr. Yarish.

When Gwen finally finds Ross, the general drowns her, and back at the base, Dr. Yarish drugs Rip. Meanwhile, Banner-Hulk fights Fin Fang Foom, Wolverine, and Kang, before Banner announces he knows this is all fake and demands to see whose been doing it.

This is when Banner wakes up in a straight jacket and Doc Samson tells him that he has been dreaming that past few months and that he has been committed. Banner realizes this is a trick again and after facing a fake Mephisto Banner-Hulk is approached by Gwen, who is once again alive. She tells him this is the work of her father, Nightmare. Nightmare then appears and tells Banner-Hulk that Gwen is right and he brought Banner to Monster Island as revenge for what he did to him years ago.

Banner Hulk is prepared to leave but when Nightmare informs him that he used Betty Ross as he vessel for his daughter, Banner-Hulk rips off his head and takes his horse, and rides off the island.

Later, Betty washes up on the shore of Monster Island where she finds her father, who is really a nightmare made by Nightmare.

While this story goes on there is a story of Bruce in high school and about how he built a bomb that the Hulk set. It tells how Major Thaddeus Ross found Bruce for the Gamma Project to begin with.

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