Temho-Metya Prison

    Location » Temho-Metya Prison appears in 8 issues.

    A heavily guarded underground prison in the Laptev sea.

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    Temho-Metya prison is a highly guarded facility beneath the Laptev sea. It is home to an unknown number of Metahumans and of the Annihilation Brigade. This is where they freed the Metahuman known as Hack who later joined the Suicide Squad after Captain Boomerang's untimely demise.

    The Black Vault

    Amanda Waller sends out the Suicide Squad to retrieve a cosmic item that came into possession of the Russians. The Squad was greeted by an infantry on their way to locating the item. They seek the help of a prisoner named Hack who leads them to the location. On their arrival, they realize that the item is actually a portal to the Phantom Zone holding General Zod as prisoner. During the encounter, General Zod incinerates Captain Boomerang thus leaving the rest of the squad to fight for their lives. Shortly after, the Annihilation Brigade tries to prevent them from stealing the portal. Rick Flag manages to push back General Zod back to the portal and seconds later they were back in Belle Reve after Hack used her powers to teleport the squad and the portal through the internet.


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