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    Tellus was a telepathic and telekinetic student of the Legion Academy and eventually became a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He and teammate Quislet were the first non-humanoid Legionnaires.

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    Current Events

    After traveling back in time with a number of his teammates from the Legion of Superheroes, the remainder of the team (referred to as Legion Lost out of continuity) is on the trail of Alastor who threatens to release a virus which can destroy all of mankind.  After nearly stopping him in Minnesota the team travels to New York City in their continued attempt to track him.  While there Tellus makes contact with a comatose woman.


    In the latter half of the 30th Century, Ganglios was born on the gigantic water world of Hykraius. Despite poisonous methane elements in the atmosphere and water of Hykraius keeping contact with humans to a minimum, Ganglios learned of the existence of the Legion of Super-Heroes. His people were very new to the outside galaxy, having only recently made contact with other worlds thanks to the Gil'Dan. He was one of the first Hykraians to venture off-world.

    Traveling to Earth, he was accepted into the Legion Academy and took the codename Tellus. Tellus was hoping to learn more about the Legion so that he could start a similar organization on his home world. Due to his unique physiology and breathing needs, Tellus wasn't the most social student and would often spend time in his room. Coupled with his unfamiliar race, it gave him an air of mystery among the Academy. When the first open auditions in years came for the Legion, the relatively new Tellus tried out with several of his classmates. He was advanced to the second round of auditions and when it came time for the Legionnaires to elect members, most heroes felt that either Tellus or another applicant named Mentalla should be chosen as they were telepathic and could replace the departing Saturn Girl. The Legionnaires opted for Tellus and he was sworn in alongside his classmate, Magnetic Kid.


    Tellus created by Paul Levitz and Steve Lightle

    Character Evolution

    Bronze Age

    Tellus (Bronze Age)
    Tellus (Bronze Age)

    While he and the other new recruits were captured on their first mission, Tellus quickly proved himself by aiding in apprehending terrorist platform bombers and defending a team of Legionnaires against the new Fatal Five. His xenological training with his telepathy meant many foreign creatures to human telepaths were easy for Tellus to manipulate. This training coupled with his telekinesis made Tellus a worthy Legionnaire even after Saturn Girl, the Legionnaire he was supposedly replacing, rejoined. He was selected with her to guard Universo once he was defeated and was able to gleam even from the disciplined, powerful Saturn Girl that there was a conspiracy among the Legionnaires to get revenge on the Time Trapper for the death of Superboy in the Pocket Universe.

    Five Years Later

    Tellus (Five Years Later)
    Tellus (Five Years Later)

    During the Five Years Later storyline, aka the Glorithverse, Tellus remained a Legionnaire for several years before ultimately quitting in disgust over Sun Boy's leadership. He would go on to become aligned with the mysterious Dark Circle, learning their new military procedures and mostly staying away from Legion affairs and his former comrades after the team reformed. He was incommunicado for the Legion's last great mission, rescuing Cosmic Boy from Mordru and Glorith. This continuity has since been erased.

    Retroboot / New Earth

    Tellus (New Earth)
    Tellus (New Earth)

    This Tellus storyline picks up before Five Years Later. While a Legionnaire, Tellus formed close friendships with fellow inductees Quislet and Polar Boy. He was saddened to see Quislet leave the team before the Magic Wars, but Quis later returned. Tellus continued to serve with the Legion, now in the post-Infinite Crisis universe. He was one of several Legionnaires sent to the 21st century, he was seen as a prisoner of Project 7734. He is later seen back in 31st century fighting against Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Super-Villains. Back in 21st century, Tellus urges the Green Lantern, Sodam Yat to avoid contact with his fellow Daxamite, Mon-El. Tellus was also part of a secret team sent by the late R. J. Brande to the 21st century to save the future.

    NuDC / Earth 0

    Tellus (Earth 0)
    Tellus (Earth 0)

    Post Flashpoint, Tellus is one of Legionnaires who is lost in the 21st century after attempting to stop the terrorist Alastor.

    Major Story Arcs

    Powers and Abilities


    Tellus, like others of his species, has the power to communicate telepathically with others across relatively short distances. He can discreetly enter someone's mind and take information out as passive thoughts or take a more direct assault and force others to allow access to their thoughts. However this has all to do with the level of intelligence and willpower of the victim, and Tellus' level of stamina at the time. His abilities have been shown to extend from fully sentient beings to creatures of only animal intelligence, but the less intelligent the creature, the greater the chance on them not understanding him. He also has limited telekinetic powers which he utilizes to direct blows of mental energy as well as shields. He also would levitate himself with his ability over his own matter before utilizing a Legion flight ring.


    Tellus is amphibious and is a supreme swimmer, especially in Methane-based bodies of water like his home planet. He is able to dive to great depths unaided and maneuver underwater even more easily than he could above ground with a flight ring.


    Due to the unique atmosphere of his homeworld's methane waters, Ganglios was forced to wear a special breathing helmet that constantly cycled him fresh methane to breathe on dry, oxygen worlds. Without this helmet, Ganglios would suffocate on land like others would underwater. He was given a Legion flight ring as a member of the Legion and gained the ability of flight through willpower. The ring additionally functioned as a mini-computer and signal and navigational device.

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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