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Teletraan I: The Autobots supercomputer inside the Ark the Generation 1 series

Teletraan II: The Autobots supercomputer inside Autobot City from Generation 1

Teletraan I: T-AI's "father" from the Robots in Disguise cartoon

Teletran 3: The computer responsible for making the wormhole from Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers

Teletraan 10: The brunet Autobot humanoid computer from Information Administration Teletraan 15 Go! Go! mini-comics

Teletraan 15: The blonde Autobot humanoid computer from the Information Administration Teletraan 15 Go! Go! mini-comics

Teletran-1: Omega Supreme's designation while serving as the Autobots' ship in the comic adaptation of the Transformers Animated series. It can also refer to the ship's onboard computer

Teletraan-X: An Evil Autobot computer from the Shattered Glass continuity

Teletraan-1: The computer beneath Iacon that was relocated to the Ark in the Aligned (Prime) continuity family


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